the tour goes on…

Well our little fall vacation is coming to a close. We’ll leave Avalon this afternoon and head for DE for the night. Tomorrow night we’re playing a house show in Southern DE.  I think it will be a fun time.  And it’s really about time for us to get back in the swing of things. Vacation is so nice. But we love playing music. And we love seeing you guys at the shows.

I have to say that touring has been excellent this month. Each show has been different but so good.  It’s fun to play when you feel like you’re having a different conversation with the audience each night.  It’s nice and the songs don’t get old.  In Alexandria we played a house show for about 30 people.  It was such an intimate fun night. We played a great house show in Newark, DE for the BSM folk.  It was cold and rainy, but we played under a cozy tent with lanterns. So pretty. So serene.  The show at King’s College was unbelievable.  I couldn’t believe that so many of you showed and stayed and wanted to talk afterwards. That show was pretty cool because we played to an audience of about 80 and only a handful of the folks had heard our music before. I love connecting with people for the first time.  The shows at Eastern were awesome too.  The first night we played a midnight show and I guess I’d forgotten that in college going to something at midnight on a Friday night isn’t a big deal.  We had a blast. And the encore performance the next night was cool too.

Shows this week:

Sunday, Sept. 27th, Frankford, DE The Underground, 7pm

Monday, Sept. 28th, Raleigh, NC House show, 7pm

Tuesday, Sept. 29th, Greenville, NC ECU’s College Life, 9pm

Wednesday, Sept. 30th, Salisbury, SC House Show 7pm

Thursday, Oct. 1st, Clemson, SC Moe Joe Coffee, 8pm

Friday, Oct. 2nd, Greenwood, SC New Covenant Church, 7pm

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, Lexington, SC The Watershed, 8pm

All of the address info is on the tour page. Any questions, shoot us an email!



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