Christmas music…

So I thought I’d give you a little update. Last Christmas we gave a few Christmas songs away via  This year we decided to produce an 8 song Christmas EP. It will be released to itunes shortly and you can buy it and listen to it during your Christmas festivities this year. We’ve reworked a bunch of old Christmas hymns, some that I’d never even heard before! I’m really excited about it, so keep an eye out for some J&T Christmas tunes. I’ll keep you posted.


Ivan’s Art

Our friend Ivan was inspired by “Pans for Us” and created a beautiful painting. We are humbled, honored, really and truly moved. You can see the creation to the music here. In a word: amazing.

Ivan’s art will be for sale at our show in Keller, TX. You can also see more of his work here:

coffee & brownies

It’s a dreary day in Nashville. I was going to make some coffee but discovered that we only have decaf. Slightly absurd don’t you think?  That proves that I never make coffee here.  It is crazy how much a girl can change in a couple years.  I used to be a coffee addict, I’m talking like 6-8 cups a day.  After Tyler and I got married he persuaded me to cut back to 2 cups and then before I knew it I wasn’t finishing my morning cup of coffee, and then somewhere along the way I stopped making it all together. I still love a good cup of coffee or a latte (I go out for coffee with friends wayyy too much) but I don’t need it anymore. Hopefully this isn’t ruining Coffee (the song off of a Prelude) for anyone. I promise it was true at the time.  And I still love coffee.

I baked brownies last night! I’ve been struggling to find the perfect brownie recipe for a while now.  I know, I could just bake brownies from the box, but there are all sorts of preservatives and weird chemicals listed as ingredients and I’m not having that if I don’t have to. My first attempt resulted in brownies of a really odd texture. They almost seemed spongey.  Then I came up with brownies that were a really light brown and not very chocolatey. But last night, I think I almost found the perfect recipe.  They are so good!  The problem with making brownies that are yummy is that I always want to eat the entire pan the first night. Self control, Jenny! Self control!

Anyway, I guess I should see what my day holds. I guess the good thing about the gray weather is that the colors of the fall leaves really are a beautiful contrast and I think they actually stand out a bit more than usual. Yay for fall!


Random happenings of the past couple days…

I love fall.

Yesterday I went with my brother to the Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro Village. If you live in Nashville and have never been I really do suggest it. Go on a week day when there won’t be a line and get some pancakes! if you’re visiting Nashville, you really should go.  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings you’ll probably have to wait in line, but you can mosey around the shops in Hillsboro Village while you wait.  Just have people from your group take turns standing in line. OH–and you should get coffee from either Fido or Provence before you go. The coffee at the pantry isn’t good.  I usually get the raspberry pancakes, but I hear that the sweet potato ones are really good (and basically anything else on the menu.) So now that I’ve plugged the Pancake Pantry a whole bunch, I will move on.

It was a beautiful morning yesterday.  After breakfast we walked to Dragon Park.  It’s still pretty warm here in Nashville, but the trees are beginning to change and it feels more fall like than before. I know I posted about this before, but fall really is my favorite season.  I love the colors, the scents, and probably best of all the seasonal coffee drinks! I went with my sister-in-law to Crema last week and had the pellegrino. It’s a pumpkin latte made with real pumpkin. Delicious! Tyler and have been baking apple pies and pumpkin pies (from a real pie pumpkin!) too.  Tyler loves to cook.  And I love to eat. It works out pretty well.

Today my grandparents are stopping in Nashville for a few hours on their way home from visiting my uncle in Indiana. We’re going to have lunch. What a pleasant surprise!

I went to see the neurologist yesterday. Good news–I can still drive! This means Tyler won’t have to drive the entire length of the tour in November. I’m so happy about that. God has been providing for us hard core through all of this. From Jimmy Brown being able to replace us so easily on the tour to giving me the best doctor in Nashville.  It’s been pretty sweet.  Thank you for your prayers.

Well, I suppose to should get ready for the day.  We haven’t been feeling well for the past few days, and I’m hoping I can get rid of this sore throat finally today.  Being sick is lame!


Apple picking attempts…

We tried to go apple picking today.

Yes, when I say we tried to go, I mean we tried and we failed. But how can you fail at apple picking, you ask? It’s a very strange tale actually

We went to church this morning and after some of our friends invited us out to a local orchard.  It’s been cloudy in Nashville for about a week and today was the first day of sunshine so we thought, what better way to enjoy a beautiful fall day? So we hopped into the car and trekked to the orchard. Upon our arrival Erin (one of our friends) expressed a bit of concern at the lack of trees, apple trees to be precise. There were lots of pumpkins, an ice cream shop, and a train for little kids, but we weren’t seeing apple trees.  Keep in mind this place advertises itself as a “pick your own” apple orchard/farm. We thought, maybe the trees are hiding somewhere? If it’s possible for trees to “hide.” They can be hidden from view I suppose. We parked the car and decided to ask someone about the apples. Well, Erin asked.  She came back and relayed the conversation she had with one of the apple orchard owners.  It went something like this:

Erin: Y’all have any apples.

Owner lady: Apples? No.  They’re not in season.

Erin: Really? When is apple picking season?

Owner lady: The fall.

Erin: shocked and thinking to herself, “It’s October right?” says nothing.

Owner lady: We have some trees you can look at if you want, but we don’t have any apples.

Erin: That’s okay.

So apparently apple picking season is the fall, but mid-October doesn’t fall into that time frame. Either that or they had an unusually small apple harvest this year. We were slightly disappointed. But like I mentioned earlier, they did have an ice cream shop, and even on a cold day I can’t resist an ice cream cone. So at least the trip wasn’t a total failure. We’re going to check out the farmer’s market this week for apples.  I want to try my hand at making some cider! It got cold in Nashville this week and some warm apple cider sounds delicious right now.

resting is good.

So we have an unexpected few weeks at home and we’ve decided to make use of the time and really rest. I’ve been sleeping in, baking a little, visiting with friends, but mostly just resting and recovering from being on the road and trying to let my body heal from last week’s seizure.  My muscles are back to normal and my tongue is getting there, slowly but surely.  Thanks to all of you for being so understanding and supportive and for your prayers.  We really appreciate you showing us grace–especially those of you who were planning on coming to one of the shows out west!  We’ll get to you eventually!

This evening Tyler has quite a few science experiments going on in the kitchen.  He started out making yogurt and then moved on to ginger ale and finally ginger beer.  We won’t be able to taste any of these concoctions for a couple days, but I have faith in him.   He’s so cute in the kitchen.  And in general.

We’ve been writing! I can’t wait to share new music with you guys.  Hopefully we’ll be recording this summer, if not sooner.  And until then, we’ll be playing some new songs at shows.

Well, I’m off to bed. Have a lovely evening.


Just in case you were confused…

A reminder: The October shows are not canceled, we just won’t be playing them.  Levi Weaver and Jimmy Brown are hitting up the West Coast. For more information visit: or

We will rejoin the tour in Nov. for the following dates:

Nov. 4th, House Show, Keller, TX w/Levi Weaver, Jimmy Brown

Nov. 6th, TBA Oklahoma City, OK w/Levi Weaver, Jimmy Brown

Nov. 7th, TBA Conway or Jonesboro, AK w/ Levi Weaver, Jimmy Brown

Nov. 8th, Carterville Baptist Church, Petal, MS w/Levi Weaver, Jimmy Brown

Nov. 9th, House Show, Cleveland, MS w/Levi Weaver, Jimmy Brown

Nov. 12th, House Show, Louisville, KY

Nov. 14th, The Red Herring, Urbana, IL

Nov. 15th, Mars Cafe, Des Moines, IA

Nov. 16th, Corner Coffee, Minneapolis, MN

Nov. 17th, House Show, Zion, IL

Nov. 18th, Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL

Nov, 19th, Union Church of the Brethren, Nappanee, IN

Nov. 20th, TBA, Grand Rapids, MI

Nov. 21st, TBA Ann Arbor, MI

Nov. 22nd, TBA Beaver Falls, PA

Full details including addresses, times, etc can be found at our tour page.

Thank you so much for understanding.  We really appreciate your support.

-jenny (&Tyler)

Important West Coast tour information.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this entry.  I have some bad news.  Many of you know of my epilepsy, whether I’ve talked to you personally, you’ve heard about it, or you picked up on some of the lyrics through the song, “Season.”  Back in April we had to cancel a couple dates due to a seizure and unfortunately I had another break through grand mal 2 nights ago.  We’ve decided that a trip to the West coast isn’t good for me right now and that the best thing is to get some more medical attention and try to get my seizures back under control.

We are really sorry.  We were looking forward to meeting some of you out west!

We’ll begin touring again on Nov. 4th in Texas. None of the shows prior to the 4th have been canceled, we just won’t be on the bill.  Levi Weaver will still play the dates and a great musician Jimmy Brown is filling in for us.

Thanks you so much for understanding!

-Jenny (&Tyler)

Lee University this evening…

It’s feeling like fall in Nashville. I had a coffee date this morning with a good friend at Crema and I actually wore a sweater while sipping my double cuban. If you live in Nashville and you haven’t been to Crema, I really can’t recommend it enough.  The espresso is amazing, and I don’t know of anywhere else in town that serves cuban lattes. So yummy.

We got home from the first leg of our fall tour on Wednesday at about 3:30 or so.  Time has been running together ever since as we continue to work hard at tying up loose ends for the next leg of tour with Levi Weaver. If you haven’t checked out the tour page you should! We’re coming out west for the first time!  So if you’re in MO, KS, ID, CO, WA, OR, CA, NM, or TX you should check out our website and see if we’re playing near you. is the place to look.

This afternoon we’re driving down to Cleveland, TN to play a benefit show at Lee University. If you’re in the Chattanooga area, come out!  Show starts at 8pm in the Conn Center on campus. It’s $3 or 3 canned goods.

Hope to see you tonight!