resting is good.

So we have an unexpected few weeks at home and we’ve decided to make use of the time and really rest. I’ve been sleeping in, baking a little, visiting with friends, but mostly just resting and recovering from being on the road and trying to let my body heal from last week’s seizure.  My muscles are back to normal and my tongue is getting there, slowly but surely.  Thanks to all of you for being so understanding and supportive and for your prayers.  We really appreciate you showing us grace–especially those of you who were planning on coming to one of the shows out west!  We’ll get to you eventually!

This evening Tyler has quite a few science experiments going on in the kitchen.  He started out making yogurt and then moved on to ginger ale and finally ginger beer.  We won’t be able to taste any of these concoctions for a couple days, but I have faith in him.   He’s so cute in the kitchen.  And in general.

We’ve been writing! I can’t wait to share new music with you guys.  Hopefully we’ll be recording this summer, if not sooner.  And until then, we’ll be playing some new songs at shows.

Well, I’m off to bed. Have a lovely evening.


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