Random happenings of the past couple days…

I love fall.

Yesterday I went with my brother to the Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro Village. If you live in Nashville and have never been I really do suggest it. Go on a week day when there won’t be a line and get some pancakes! if you’re visiting Nashville, you really should go.  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings you’ll probably have to wait in line, but you can mosey around the shops in Hillsboro Village while you wait.  Just have people from your group take turns standing in line. OH–and you should get coffee from either Fido or Provence before you go. The coffee at the pantry isn’t good.  I usually get the raspberry pancakes, but I hear that the sweet potato ones are really good (and basically anything else on the menu.) So now that I’ve plugged the Pancake Pantry a whole bunch, I will move on.

It was a beautiful morning yesterday.  After breakfast we walked to Dragon Park.  It’s still pretty warm here in Nashville, but the trees are beginning to change and it feels more fall like than before. I know I posted about this before, but fall really is my favorite season.  I love the colors, the scents, and probably best of all the seasonal coffee drinks! I went with my sister-in-law to Crema last week and had the pellegrino. It’s a pumpkin latte made with real pumpkin. Delicious! Tyler and have been baking apple pies and pumpkin pies (from a real pie pumpkin!) too.  Tyler loves to cook.  And I love to eat. It works out pretty well.

Today my grandparents are stopping in Nashville for a few hours on their way home from visiting my uncle in Indiana. We’re going to have lunch. What a pleasant surprise!

I went to see the neurologist yesterday. Good news–I can still drive! This means Tyler won’t have to drive the entire length of the tour in November. I’m so happy about that. God has been providing for us hard core through all of this. From Jimmy Brown being able to replace us so easily on the tour to giving me the best doctor in Nashville.  It’s been pretty sweet.  Thank you for your prayers.

Well, I suppose to should get ready for the day.  We haven’t been feeling well for the past few days, and I’m hoping I can get rid of this sore throat finally today.  Being sick is lame!


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