coffee & brownies

It’s a dreary day in Nashville. I was going to make some coffee but discovered that we only have decaf. Slightly absurd don’t you think?  That proves that I never make coffee here.  It is crazy how much a girl can change in a couple years.  I used to be a coffee addict, I’m talking like 6-8 cups a day.  After Tyler and I got married he persuaded me to cut back to 2 cups and then before I knew it I wasn’t finishing my morning cup of coffee, and then somewhere along the way I stopped making it all together. I still love a good cup of coffee or a latte (I go out for coffee with friends wayyy too much) but I don’t need it anymore. Hopefully this isn’t ruining Coffee (the song off of a Prelude) for anyone. I promise it was true at the time.  And I still love coffee.

I baked brownies last night! I’ve been struggling to find the perfect brownie recipe for a while now.  I know, I could just bake brownies from the box, but there are all sorts of preservatives and weird chemicals listed as ingredients and I’m not having that if I don’t have to. My first attempt resulted in brownies of a really odd texture. They almost seemed spongey.  Then I came up with brownies that were a really light brown and not very chocolatey. But last night, I think I almost found the perfect recipe.  They are so good!  The problem with making brownies that are yummy is that I always want to eat the entire pan the first night. Self control, Jenny! Self control!

Anyway, I guess I should see what my day holds. I guess the good thing about the gray weather is that the colors of the fall leaves really are a beautiful contrast and I think they actually stand out a bit more than usual. Yay for fall!



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