Texas Dates, Christmas Album info

We’ve been in the DFW area for a few days. We decided to come a little early to hang out with my parents. Sometimes it’s really nice to be “home.” I put home in quotes because I’m not from DFW. My parents moved to Texas back in January. Before that they lived in D.C. and before that I actually lived with them in Mississippi.  But somehow, wherever my parents are, even if I don’t know how to get around the town or find the nearest coffee shop, feels like home.

Not to mention Stewart is here. Which always helps.

So tonight we’re playing a show here. It’s a house show and it’s going to be a good time. Levi Weaver will be here.  He’s coming off of the west coast tour we were supposed to play with him and he’s exhausted, so come out and cheer him on one last time before he heads home to Nashville.


Tonight, Wed, Nov. 4th at 7pm. 826 Runnymede Rd. Keller, TX

There’s also going to be art here by Ivan Vesely. You may remember him as the artist who did the painting to “Plans for Us.” I’ve posted it here, so if you haven’t seen it, check a couple entries back and you should find it.

We’re playing another house show tomorrow night in Fort Worth.  Here are the details:

Thur. Nov. 5th, at 7pm. 3413 Rogers Ave. Fort Worth, TX

And I have new details on the Christmas EP.  It will be released Dec. 1st, BUT you will be able to preorder it sooner. AND when you preorder it you will get an instant digital download.  If you just want a digital copy of the album you will be able to preorder it that way as well and download your copy instantly (basically getting your music early). So be on the look out for the preorder in just a couple weeks.

And if you come to the show in Wilmington, DE on Nov. 29th, we just might have it for sale. 🙂

I think that’s all for now. Hope to see you guys soon!



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  1. Hi, I came across your blog by accident. I am trying to find my cousin Alicia appel. Formerly Alicia Gronquist. My name is Laurie Wells of Denver. She used to come visit all the time when we were kids and I miss her a lot. my e’mail addr is mixergoddess@yahoo.com I can be reached at 832-445-9687. Hope to hear soon.

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