Home, Snow, TX, A’cappella

I like that wordpress pretends to have it snow on your blog. Is that cheesy? Perhaps. I hear the northeast is getting slammed with snow this weekend! I’m a little jealous…we were just there after all! I always like snow for a day and then I get tired of all the trouble it seems to cause. I learned how to drive in Mississippi so I assure you, I’m not match for the slippery slushy stuff. Heck, I can’t even parallel park.
We spent three lovely days in Nashville this week seeing friends and getting some amazing sleep. There’s something about my own bed. Other beds, even ones with more expensive mattresses cannot compare. Our mattress is starting to show the imprint of our bodies. It’s like you get up from bed but somehow, you’re still there. It’s nice to sink into those familiar crevices.
So I went to my favorite coffee shops: Crema, Ugly Mugs, and Fido. Met with my favorite friends. Watched Christmas movies. Sorta kinda watched that show on NBC–the Sing Off I believe it’s called. I find it pretty enjoyable–mostly because I was in an amazing a’cappella group in college, the Deltones. Some of the groups on this show are pretty okay…I can’t help but think that the Deltones are much better! 🙂
Today we drove to Dallas, TX to spend Christmas with my family. We’ve decided that we’re not doing any work while we here! Yay! So if you send us an email, we will NOT be getting back to you unless we decide it’s urgent. We’ll ship merch orders, but other than that, nada.
So I bid you adieu. I’m sleepy. I leave you with a video of the Deltones…I feel obligated to prove that we are quite good. This is from my freshman year of college…covering Bethany Dillons, “Beautiful.”

This is from the same year…U2’s “Walk On”

Okay I’m done bragging. 🙂

muse video and photos

Our very talented photographer friend Joey (joeysee.com) made a lovely video of live performance of Muse (we played in his living room) mixed with some photos he took while we were there (and a few from a live show in nyc). enjoy.

Christmas EP = on itunes!

So it’s been a little while ‘eh?

I don’t think I’ve ever actually used the word ‘eh in a real sentence before. Just in fake ones. Yeah.

Anyway. We are still up North visiting family and playing shows here and there. Last week we visited family in north Jersey and Brooklyn and had an amazing time. Our niece turned 4 and had a Wizard of Oz theme party. I was Glinda the Good Witch and Tyler was the Lion. I may post a picture or two. We shall see.

Anyway, I want to let you all know that our Christmas EP, “Love Came Down” has officially been released. You can get it via our website, itunes, amazon, etc. If you use Amazon just search for “Jenny & Tyler Love Came Down,” it should do the trick.

So if you don’t have the Christmas album yet, get it! We had a lot of fun with it. A few of the songs are updated hymns. We added choruses and bridges and played with the melodies and I’m really happy with how they turned out. And I just have to brag on Tyler real quick and let you know that he played every instrument on the album except for drums. I just think he’s amazing. Seriously.

Okay, well I think my work here is done. Hope you are having an amazing week and getting into the holiday spirit of things! I’ve been drinking lots of hot cocoa and we even had some snow! Woo hoo!