happy new year! new tour dates…

Well Happy New Year everyone. I know it’s a bit late. We’ve been all over the place the past month and a half and I can scarcely remember where I am most days or what day it really is for that matter.

We spent Christmas in Dallas, TX with my family and it snowed. Seriously. It snowed Christmas Eve and we actually had a white Christmas. I couldn’t believe it. I was pretty thrilled because we’d just missed a crazy snow storm in the Northeast and while it would have definitely messed with our travel plans had we been there, it certainly would have been beautiful. It was nice to get to see some of the white stuff in Texas, and even nicer that it warmed up within a day or so and it melted away without causing any problems or putting a damper on our plans.

My sister came home with us from Texas and we rang in the New Year with a little party at our place. I put her on a plane yesterday and now here we are, January 6th, and I’m just getting around to wishing you all a Happy New Year…and Merry Christmas.

I hope that you all had a really wonderful Christmas.

We are getting back in the swing of things here, trying to get shows together for the Spring. We’ll be touring again. So check the tour page to see if you’re coming your way. We’ll be adding shows as they are confirmed. For now let me give a you list of dates/cities we’re working on. Let me remind you that we LOVE house shows. So if you see that we’re coming to your city (or nearby) and you think you’d like to host a house show (or help us book a show/promote it) feel free to shoot us an email at jennyandtyler@gmail.com

Most of these dates are TBA so stay tuned!

1/28 Asbury College, Wilmore, KY
2/12 Pano, TX
2/13 Cafe Plaid, Norman, OK
2/14 Conway, AR
2/21 Starkville, MS
3/19 Knoxville, TN
3/20 Raleigh, NC
3/21 The Tipsy Teapot, Greenville, NC
3/24 Greenwood, SC
3/25 Clemson, SC
3/26 Columbia, SC
3/27 Orlando, FL
3/28 Fort Myers, FL
3/30 Cascades, Estero, FL
4/1 Gainesville, FL
4/2 Auburn, AL
4/3 Cleveland, TN
4/14 Cincinnati, OH
4/15 Huntington University, Huntington, IN
4/16 Marion, OH
4/17 Goshen, IN

Hope you’re having a great start to your year.

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