A good week.

It’s been a good week.

We have an intern and he is amazing. His name is Ryan Crump and he is actually an old friend of ours from Delaware. he’s finishing up his music management degree and is getting college credit for helping us with the management/booking/marketing end of things.

I love having him here for a few reasons—
1. He is a really cool dude.
2. He makes coffee sometimes. I can never turn down coffee.
3. He’s a good worker.
4. He’s doing all of the jobs that I usually have to do, that I really don’t always like to do. Which in turn has made it so that I am spending a lot of time songwriting—something I LOVE to do!

I’ve been thinking this evening about the songs that I’ve been working on and the potential song ideas that are swirling around in my head and I thought, why not ask you guys for some suggestions? We write songs in hope that you will want to listen to them. Is there anything in particular that you’d like to hear? Perhaps you’re not much of a songwriter yourself but you’ve heard something or seen something and thought, “that would make a great song.” If we use your idea and the song makes it to the next record we’ll give you some sort of credit of inspiration in the liner notes.

In other news, I am seriously craving some chocolate. I don’t have any butter in my house so I can’t whip up a batch of brownies. I’m quite tempted to make a special trip to Kroger right now.

I’ve also been obsessed with Brandi Carlile this week. It’s like the whole world knew about her and forgot to tell me. Seriously guys, not cool!

We went to see some of our friends play on Saturday night. If you have a spare moment you might consider checking out their music. They are a husband/wife duo originally from Houston, TX and we’ve become friends and actually played a couple shows with them this past year. The band is called Dewveall. Myspace.com/dewveall should do the trick.

8 responses

  1. hey this is josh roach from beaver falls (Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea). i dont really have any ideas for songs for you to write. but i have written a lot of songs that maybe you could cover one live or something?


    i have a lot of videos of songs ive written on my facebook : ) i dont really expect you to, but it’s all i got 😛

    love your music,



    my videos
    this is one of my favorites


  2. I haven’t bought either of your CD’s yet because i just started listening to you a couple days ago, but I’ve watched your youtube videos and i have your freebies from the newsletter.
    I dont have any inspiring new ideas but i can give you a little feedback on some of your old songs and maybe that will help in some way??

    I really like the song Nashville because it tells a story. There’s no particular lines in it that really stick out a lot though.. also last in gym class has a good storyline and has a good younger target audience.

    Called Beauty is also good, I like that the chorus talks about taking what God has given us and using it to pursue the “muck and the mire” of this world. also my favorite single line in any of your songs I’ve heard so far is in this song “let not these lovers be more attractive than You God” I like this because it show that your putting God before your relationship with each other.

    Seasons is the song that made me look you guys up. It is a song that is easy for a lot of people to relate to. It grabbed my attention because I have been praying for God to show me what he is trying to do in my life over the last couple months.

    This isn’t a dream has a very important truth behind it: that we don’t have eternity in this life, I love hearing biblical truths in music.

    So the things I am liking about your music:
    1. The story
    2. Biblical truths
    3. relatable

    one thing that is kinda annoying to me is in one of your songs where the two of you go back and forth singing tomorrow over and over.

    A friend of mine and I wrote some songs a couple years ago and made a CD out of it. I don’t think any of the songs are real good but i can send them to you if you want and if you want to use any of them I can check with my friend but i think you could probably have them. Let me know if your interested in that.

    -Paul Murray

  3. I have been benefiting a lot lately from a sermon that I heard recently about Song of Solomon, but not as husband/wife stuff but looking at it as Christ and the Church, or just in my own personal relations with Jesus. There’s a lot of beautiful language in there that adds a neat dimension to it all – “come away with Me”; He wants to bring her down from high places and just be with Him (kind of like with Martha – “only one thing is necessary…”). What gets me the most is how He says that she’s captivated His heart with one look of her eyes; makes me want to pray more and worship Him more, knowing that He loves me and that it melts His heart to hear me call out to Him! I want to write a song about this, but I am a very poor song-writer and have trouble stringing words together in lyrical fashion. However, I hear this chorus in my head – “I hear You say ‘Come away with me, my love’ / and I look in Your eyes of flame, and, though afraid, with You I run”.

    Basically, just songs about His love for us/Christ’s love for the Church.

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