Baby it’s COLD outside!

So it’s not Christmas. But it’s cold. If it’s going to be cold it should at least be Christmas. Then there would be something to celebrate. Oh well.

I’m sitting in my new home in Nashville contemplating whether or not I should bake some cookies. I love cookies. Especially cookie dough. Who doesn’t right? We moved in with some friends earlier this week and have been busy unpacking. Our little space is finally in order and I’m really pleased with the outcome. It’s like living in a glorified dorm room. I haven’t had roommates (other than Tyler) in a long time so I’m slowly getting used to having other people in the house. I baked brownies two days ago so I’m almost nervous that if I start baking cookies today they’ll think I have a serious addiction to baking and sweet things…which I probably do.

A lot of people have been asking us why we moved in with our friends. The short answer is this: we tour a lot, meaning we’re not home half the time so we feel that we’re wasting a lot of money renting a whole apartment. The decision was obvious, but it wasn’t easy to make. I went back and forth about whether or not it was a good idea quite a few times before we moved in and was even looking for cheap one bedrooms on Craigslist the day before! But throughout the process I realized something about myself: I feel entitled to things. Most people would say that it’s perfectly normal to want to live in your own space and have your own kitchen and use your own dishes. In fact I think I would say that. But as I thought about my desires to use “my” things and be in “my” space I realized that they are selfish ones. Selfish because we don’t need these things. I started thinking about how there are a lot of people who are thankful to have a roof over their head—any roof. We sponsor two kids through Compassion International and I started thinking about them and their families and what their living conditions are like. I realized that I don’t need a whole apartment all to myself (and Tyler). And better yet, I shouldn’t feel like I deserve it.

We have a song called Love Through Me and I am often convicted of not living out the lyrics that we wrote. It talks about sacrificing for others and just loving people for who they are, where they are. Something that I’m really terrible at. I guess that’s why it’s a prayer. We’re saying, Lord, l am incapable of loving people the way that you do, so please, love through me.

Just something to think about today.

I hope it isn’t as cold where you are!


3 responses

  1. Hi, I heard a song by you on Pandora called “You Think” and after listen closely to the lyrics I was wondering if there is more of a story behind the song. Obviously, all of us have bruises and often we try to hide them and act like we “have it all together.” But it sounds like there is a deeper story as well….just curious! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. hey Bethany–there is a deeper story to You Think. I wrote it during my freshman year of college when I was a part of a girls Bible study. I wanted to open up and be real with people but I felt like there was something in the way. I was scared of judgement, and I think that the rest of the girls were too. The story about the man who left his wife and kids was inspired by someone I knew. I was struck by how amazing it was that this person had his whole story out in the open and was living a really honest life. My story paled in comparison to his. It’s a song about wanting to be bold. About not getting so caught up in my own stuff. Thanks for asking.

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