yum yum yum

I’m really feeling like a ought to post…

possibly because it’s been a month since I last updated this blog!

We’re in Zion, IL (that’s just north of Chicago) hanging out with friends this evening. Tomorrow we will lead worship at our friend’s church and then tomorrow night we will have a crazy awesome house concert! I’m pretty excited. It’s been an interesting/fun few days of tour. I’ve been reminded that God provides not only what I need, but often what I want.

Example 1: We played a house concert on Wednesday night in Spring Valley, OH. The girl that hosted the show is an extremely talented handbag designer. I’ve been in the market for a new laptop bag. I mentioned it to Tyler the other day. It was one of those, “oh, Tyler, by the way, if you ever feel like getting me a gift, a new lap top bag would be just dandy.” He smiled. He doesn’t really have a good reason to get me a gift right now. The next holiday we’ve got coming up is our 3 year wedding anniversary, and as much as I’d like a laptop bag, I don’t want one for my anniversary. Anyway, Tyler says to our host (her name is Cassie), “you don’t make laptop bags do you?” to which she replies, “yes.” SO long story short we traded a t-shirt for a bag! Woo!

OH and you should probably check out her stuff: http://www.cassandradonovann.com

Example 2: I LOVE ice cream. I really really do. We don’t get ice cream very often when we’re on the road. All that changed this tour. Seriously. At Huntington University they hooked us up with meal cards to the dining hall, meaning free soft serve chocolate ice cream for every meal! AND last night after our show in Marion, some folks took us out to Steak N Shake! Those milkshakes are so good. Yum.

OH and this tour has been more than just chocolate ice cream and french fries and all that yummy stuff. We’ve actually had a great time playing some music and meeting some awesome people.

Tomorrow night we’re in Zion and then we head north to Minneapolis. Check out the tour page and see if we’re coming your way!

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