Oh hey!

So we’re on our way HOME! That’s right after 6 weeks of travel/weddings/familytime/shows we are making our way back to Nashville. I’m so excited. We’re about 4 1/2 hours out now.
We tracked some vocals for the new record on Monday and let me tell you—it went SO well. I’m really excited for you all to hear this new stuff! We’re gearing up for a bunch of recording in the coming weeks while we’re in Nashville.
We did a photo shoot with our friend Joey Cardella (www.joeysee.com) a few weeks ago and he’s posted a few of the shots on his blog. He’s amazing and I’m so pleased with the photos. Check ’em out: http://www.joeysee.com/blog
Do I guess this just turned into a little “what are J&T up to” update. Hope you are having a lovely day.
-jenny (&tyler)
PS–new musical obsession (at least new for us) MUMFORD & SONS. we can’t get enough!


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  1. yeah Mumford and Sons! I’ve been hooked on them since January. I’m glad there’s another fan of them out there with me 🙂 You guys and your music is amazing!

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