Pizza dough recipe…

Okay, so I know that I talk wayyy too much about food on this blog, and probably not enough about music. I love both. Probably equally. Something that Tyler and I love to do together is make pizza. If you’ve never tried making pizza at home, you’re really missing out. Yes, it requires more effort than ordering out, but it costs less and I think it’s actually pretty fun—and usually delicious! I say usually because I think one of the keys to making really yummy pizza dough is being patient—and patience is something I often lack.

So anyway, last night we made some pretty amazing pizza. We follow this blog and the guy who runs it posted Wolfgang Puck’s pizza recipe. This is a different sort of crust in the sense that it’s California style–sorry New Yorkers. Let me tell you–it was ridiculously good and really simple. We did start a fire in the oven, but hey, these things happen right?

For some reason wordpress isn’t letting me embed the video that has the recipe/instructions. Here the link.