a quick note—

Just a quick note to fill you in on some vital information for you evening.

Well, not vital, but important.

If you live in Nashville.

We are playing with some talented folks tonight: Joel Rakes & Anthony Snape. The show is at Ugly Mugs, is free, and starts at 6pm. And the coffee at Ugly Mugs is fantastic so you should come and get something yummy to drink.

Its going to be really fun.

So come!

Psalm 145

I have a confession to make. Maybe it’s not really even a confession seeing as it’s something I would tell anyone without hesitation when asked. Shane & Shane is my favorite band. Tyler loves them too. Seriously. We are like a mini Shane & Shane fan club.

My wonderful husband sent me a little reminder of how good God is this afternoon. He emailed me the Shanes’ song, Psalm 145. It’s one of our favorite songs. When we have our spontaneous worship times at home we often sing this song. And honestly, it’s just a good reminder that we serve a God who is incredibly patient with us and gracious to us. In our weakness he is strong. When I’m frustrated or angry or just plain not walking with him, he is forgiving. And he loves me. He loves us so much.

I think the little tag bridge thing at the end of the song sums it up well:

“Lord you are gracious, you are slow to anger, abounding in love, you are good to all.”

That is just some truth there. The corresponding verses are Psalm 145:8-9, “The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.”

Let this be an encouragement to you today.


Homework nightmares

I haven’t been in school for a while. I graduated from the lovely University of Delaware in 2007 and haven’t seen the inside of my high school in years. Yet, last night I had a bad dream about forgetting to do my homework. The cast of characters included my 12th grade English teacher, my college roommate Laura, and a tan canvas backpack that I never owned.

I woke up in the morning, went downstairs for coffee and complained to my mom that I had been so busy over the weekend that I had forgotten to do my homework, specifically my English homework. And apparently that day English was my first class. I went to school put my backpack in my English classroom, went to the bathroom, and then came back to start on my work, hoping I could get just a little something done in time. But when I returned to the classroom I couldn’t find my backpack anywhere. I searched all over the school and in my car and I still couldn’t find it. I was getting pretty desperate. My English teacher (who I real life I ended up playing a practical joke on the summer after senior year, for which I’m pretty certain she hasn’t forgiven me) was upset with me and wouldn’t write my letter of recommendation for college. In the end Laura showed up with my backpack, explaining that she had mistaken it for hers.

What a stressful dream.

I’m so glad that I’m not having to do homework or take tests anymore. Although I do miss learning. Anyone with me?


Oh no, it’s cinnamon.

I’ve been feeling the blogging lately…can you tell? I don’t know how many posts this makes for July, but I’m pretty sure that I’m crushing June. Speaking of June I used to want to name my daughter (future daughter mind you, we don’t have kids yet) June. But then I married Tyler and decided that June Somers would be kinda mean. (Our last name is pronounced summers, like the season.) It’s like if my parents had named me Candice and called me Candy (my maiden name is Appel, like the fruit) for short. Just mean.

I experienced something truly amazing today. Let me tell you all about it.

Tyler took me to Crema (one of the best coffee shops in Nashville—I don’t frequent the place as much as I like to because it’s not in my neighborhood) this afternoon. I ordered the Lutito (named and created by Jeremy Lutito of Disappointed by Candy fame (I sure am using lots of parenthesis today)) which is an iced cinammon and citrus latte. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! So so so good. I wasn’t sure about the citrus thing but then I thought to myself, lots of folks enjoy citrus and chocolate, why not cinnamon? It’s amazing. If you live in Nashville go try one. If you don’t, try to convince your local barista to make you something like it. You won’t be sorry.

Whenever I think of cinnamon I think of Homestarrunner. But that’s for another day I suppose.

In other news I baked chocolate chip cookies and brownies today—both full fat versions without trying any of the healthy substitutes. To be fair, I did share them.

Oh, well. I can’t think of anything else interesting to share. And what I have shared may not have been interesting at all.

Have  a lovely evening.


sneak peak!

It is thundering and lightning like CRAZY here in Nashville. I mean CRAZY. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen lightning like this. I have a vivid memory of being 5 or 6 and under a homemade fort in my bedroom with my sister and bestfriend during a crazy thunderstorm. Making forts was the best!

Anyway, it’s been an amazing weekend. My friends came to visit! College buddies Avi and Bobby came through on Friday night and we cooked an amazing dinner (homemade guacamole, turkey burgers, greens, yazoo goodness) and took a trip down to the honky tonks on Broadway. As touristy as it is, I LOVE going to the honky tonks. I think I can trace my love for cheesy country music back to 5th grade. For some reason that year my parents decided that they only wanted me and my siblings to listen to Christian music. No big deal. D.C. Talk was big, Audio A was just coming out I think…there were lots of excellent choices.  However, my parents love for country music could not be quenched so they allowed me to listen to lots of Garth Brooks, Deanna Carter, Leann Rimes, and more. Looking back it’s pretty funny. What did I really think the song Strawberry Wine was about? Hmmm….  Anyway, it makes going to honky tonks fun…at least for 3 songs.

My college roommate Laura also came to town this weekend!!! AMAZINGNESS!  Seriously. We drank lots of coffee, enjoyed delicious froyo, and talked for hours and hours and hours….so so so good. I love her so.

But alas, the weekend has come to an end. It’s back to work and we have some fun stuff going on! Here’s a preview video that my friend Avi made for the upcoming record. Enjoy!


so bright and early!

I’m up early! I know, some of you are going to read this and think, early? Maybe you’re already at work even! Well let me tell you, I was up at 7 this morning, gave into the fact that I wasn’t going to fall back asleep at 7:30 and here I sit drinking a great cup of coffee (brewed at home!) and eating dry cereal. I’ve never really liked cereal with milk. I know, weird. Anyway I think sometime last week I realized that I am an adult and I can eat my cereal however I want. So now I am.

I’m in a cooking/baking kind of mood this week. Probably because we’re home for the first time in a while and I have a kitchen I can use anytime I want. I attempted Thai Green Curry last night. I used store bought curry paste, coconut milk, fresh ginger, basil, fresh garlic, lime, and loads of veggies. It was just okay. It’s my second attempt at green curry, but I’m thinking that until I’m willing to put in the time and actually make the paste from scratch that I’m not going to get the results that I’m looking for. And the paste calls for something like 15 ingredients, most of which I don’t just have hanging out in my kitchen. Oh well. I guess we’ll still frequent our local Thai restaurant.

On the baking side of things—I’m planning on the usual this week, cookies and brownies. I have some friends coming into town from DE and I’m counting on them to help me eat them! Does anyone know much about low cholesterol brownie or cookie recipes? I’ve heard about making substitutions for butter and eggs by using things like applesauce or yogurt, but I’ve never tried it. Any success stories out there?

Well, I suppose I should get on with doing some work or something. I hope that you all have a lovely day!


love love love…

I’m in a gushy, lovey, touchy-feely mood today. If you know me well, you know that’s sort of odd. I’m not a touchy-feely person. Hugs and kisses are difficult for me.

Maybe it’s because we’re playing music for a friend’s wedding tonight. Maybe it’s because we just spent a week with Tyler’s family in Avalon (they are VERY touchy feely, lovey-dovey people). Either way, I’m feeling it. It’s a beautiful day in Lewes, DE and tonight our friends Matt & Meghan will become husband and wife. How awesome is that? I am praying that it won’t actually feel as hot as it’s supposed to be! The entire wedding party was dripping at the rehearsal yesterday afternoon. I mean DRIPPING! It reminded me of band camp down in Mississippi when I was in high school. Yup, that hot. And yes, I was a band nerd. Queen of the nerds actually. I was drum major junior and senior year. And I’ll admit it proudly, I LOVED IT!

Anyway, regardless of the heat, it’s going be a beautiful wedding.

In other news, you guys have been awesome. In just 6 days we reached our kickstarter goal! I still can’t believe it. We’ve said it before, but we really can only make music for a living because of your support. This is overwhelming and I don’t think it’s really hit me yet.

Because we still have 3 weeks to go with our kickstarter campaign, we’ve decided to try to raise a little more money. Why? Because it costs money to market the record (we want lots of people to hear the music!) and because we’ve been using Tyler’s dad’s live sound equipment for the past 5 years and it’s about time we gave it back (it’s really old too and not working so well anymore). So as an added incentive, if we raise $15,000 by Aug. 8th, we will do a live show via USTREAM for all of our supporters. Even if you donate a dollar, you can get in on the action. We’ll take requests and play whatever you guys want to hear. Seriously. It’ll be so fun! The show will take place on Aug. 8th, the night of the campaign’s completion.

Also, if you’re over seas or would prefer to donate via paypal, we’re accepting donations that way. Just visit: http://jennyandtylermusic.com/donate/

Go to the kickstarter page first and choose your tier and then just enter that amount in the donation box. If you choose a tier of $35 or more, please email us your mailing address (jennyandtyler@gmail.com) and if you choose a tier that includes a t-shirt, please send us your t-shirt size as well.

Right now with the kickstarter donations + the paypal donations we are currently at $11,065!!! That’s crazy!

All this is to say–you can keep donating if you’d like, and we will keep appreciating! Here’s the kickstarter link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1741771348/jenny-and-tyler-make-a-rockin-new-record

Much love to you!

-Jenny & Tyler

We’re feeling the love!

When we began this kickstarter project last Thursday, Tyler and I were nervous about what your response would be. Would you be excited about helping us and getting cool stuff in return or would you totally not be into it?

Well, YOU WERE EXCITED! YOU HELPED! And here I sit on Monday, just 5 days later and we are at $9,600. We never expected to raise so much money so quickly, and we are truly thankful and grateful. There’s no doubt in my mind that we will reach our goal in time. We truly appreciate your support.

Now it’s time to start getting your rewards ready!

OH! And you can still pledge money after we hit $10,000. We will use any extra funds for promotional purposes—think posters, sending singles to radio stations, ad space in local papers and online, etc. If there’s any left over we’ll put it toward fall touring expenses.

Again, you have been so generous and we are so thankful. We are also thankful to those of you who have been praying and thinking of us through this process, listening to our music, coming to shows, and spreading the word to your friends. I feel like I’ve said it a thousand times this week, but it’s still true: we could not make music for a living without you guys.

So if you’d like to pledge or pass it along, here’s the

Blown away!

Let me start by stating this simple truth: you guys are incredible.


We launched our kickstarter project late on Wednesday night (or early on Thursday morning depending on how you look at it), started spreading the word at 9am Thursday morning, and here I sit 25 hours later and we’re up to $4,425! That’s almost half way! In 1 DAY!!!!

To be honest when we launched the project we were extremely nervous. We don’t like asking people for money. We knew that some of you would think that the project was a great, fun way to be involved in the making of our record. We also knew that some of you wouldn’t really like the idea. We knew that you guys could reject the idea totally, and it’d be hard not to take it personally. (I’m a sensitive gal.) Instead, we are feeling completely overwhelmed by your generosity, enthusiasm, and kindness. Like we said before, we could not continue to do what we love for a living without the support of all of you. We are so grateful.

Our thankful face

This is us being excited and thankful!

We received lots of emails yesterday from folks who can’t contribute to the project but want to wish us well, or let us know that they’re thinking about us and praying for us. We appreciate these sentiments just as much as we appreciate monetary pledges.

So, in closing, we love you guys. Keep spreading the word! Let’s see what today holds!

Jenny & Tyler

Kickstarter project….

Hey folks!

We’re making a new record and we need your help! We want this new record to be the best it can be. We have some really talented folks helping us with it, and we are so grateful. We are also so thankful to have you guys supporting us! We love being independent musicians. We get full creative control of what we do and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Unfortunately, being independent means that we have to fund all of our records on our own and we don’t have a bunch of cash laying around. This is where you come in! If you mosey over to our kickstarter page you’ll find a list of monetary donation options and whole bunch of fun goodies that you’ll receive in return for a donation! These goodies include but are not limited to: advance copies of the album, exclusive songs, exclusive video, house concerts, Jenny’s first mandolin, the list goes on!

If you’d like to support us by making a donation we’d really appreciate it. Think of it as an elaborate pre-order, or pretend for a moment that we’re in the days of old when musicians and artists and writers had patrons who funded their work. If you’d like to support us by wishing us well and continuing to listen to the music/coming to shows we appreciate that too! We are so blessed to be able to do what we love for a living and we truly couldn’t do it without you guys!

Just click