Blown away!

Let me start by stating this simple truth: you guys are incredible.


We launched our kickstarter project late on Wednesday night (or early on Thursday morning depending on how you look at it), started spreading the word at 9am Thursday morning, and here I sit 25 hours later and we’re up to $4,425! That’s almost half way! In 1 DAY!!!!

To be honest when we launched the project we were extremely nervous. We don’t like asking people for money. We knew that some of you would think that the project was a great, fun way to be involved in the making of our record. We also knew that some of you wouldn’t really like the idea. We knew that you guys could reject the idea totally, and it’d be hard not to take it personally. (I’m a sensitive gal.) Instead, we are feeling completely overwhelmed by your generosity, enthusiasm, and kindness. Like we said before, we could not continue to do what we love for a living without the support of all of you. We are so grateful.

Our thankful face

This is us being excited and thankful!

We received lots of emails yesterday from folks who can’t contribute to the project but want to wish us well, or let us know that they’re thinking about us and praying for us. We appreciate these sentiments just as much as we appreciate monetary pledges.

So, in closing, we love you guys. Keep spreading the word! Let’s see what today holds!

Jenny & Tyler


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