love love love…

I’m in a gushy, lovey, touchy-feely mood today. If you know me well, you know that’s sort of odd. I’m not a touchy-feely person. Hugs and kisses are difficult for me.

Maybe it’s because we’re playing music for a friend’s wedding tonight. Maybe it’s because we just spent a week with Tyler’s family in Avalon (they are VERY touchy feely, lovey-dovey people). Either way, I’m feeling it. It’s a beautiful day in Lewes, DE and tonight our friends Matt & Meghan will become husband and wife. How awesome is that? I am praying that it won’t actually feel as hot as it’s supposed to be! The entire wedding party was dripping at the rehearsal yesterday afternoon. I mean DRIPPING! It reminded me of band camp down in Mississippi when I was in high school. Yup, that hot. And yes, I was a band nerd. Queen of the nerds actually. I was drum major junior and senior year. And I’ll admit it proudly, I LOVED IT!

Anyway, regardless of the heat, it’s going be a beautiful wedding.

In other news, you guys have been awesome. In just 6 days we reached our kickstarter goal! I still can’t believe it. We’ve said it before, but we really can only make music for a living because of your support. This is overwhelming and I don’t think it’s really hit me yet.

Because we still have 3 weeks to go with our kickstarter campaign, we’ve decided to try to raise a little more money. Why? Because it costs money to market the record (we want lots of people to hear the music!) and because we’ve been using Tyler’s dad’s live sound equipment for the past 5 years and it’s about time we gave it back (it’s really old too and not working so well anymore). So as an added incentive, if we raise $15,000 by Aug. 8th, we will do a live show via USTREAM for all of our supporters. Even if you donate a dollar, you can get in on the action. We’ll take requests and play whatever you guys want to hear. Seriously. It’ll be so fun! The show will take place on Aug. 8th, the night of the campaign’s completion.

Also, if you’re over seas or would prefer to donate via paypal, we’re accepting donations that way. Just visit:

Go to the kickstarter page first and choose your tier and then just enter that amount in the donation box. If you choose a tier of $35 or more, please email us your mailing address ( and if you choose a tier that includes a t-shirt, please send us your t-shirt size as well.

Right now with the kickstarter donations + the paypal donations we are currently at $11,065!!! That’s crazy!

All this is to say–you can keep donating if you’d like, and we will keep appreciating! Here’s the kickstarter link:

Much love to you!

-Jenny & Tyler


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  1. I’m so jealous Greg got to hang out with you last night!! Have a wonderful time at the wedding, I’ll be praying that it won’t be feel so hot!

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