Oh no, it’s cinnamon.

I’ve been feeling the blogging lately…can you tell? I don’t know how many posts this makes for July, but I’m pretty sure that I’m crushing June. Speaking of June I used to want to name my daughter (future daughter mind you, we don’t have kids yet) June. But then I married Tyler and decided that June Somers would be kinda mean. (Our last name is pronounced summers, like the season.) It’s like if my parents had named me Candice and called me Candy (my maiden name is Appel, like the fruit) for short. Just mean.

I experienced something truly amazing today. Let me tell you all about it.

Tyler took me to Crema (one of the best coffee shops in Nashville—I don’t frequent the place as much as I like to because it’s not in my neighborhood) this afternoon. I ordered the Lutito (named and created by Jeremy Lutito of Disappointed by Candy fame (I sure am using lots of parenthesis today)) which is an iced cinammon and citrus latte. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! So so so good. I wasn’t sure about the citrus thing but then I thought to myself, lots of folks enjoy citrus and chocolate, why not cinnamon? It’s amazing. If you live in Nashville go try one. If you don’t, try to convince your local barista to make you something like it. You won’t be sorry.

Whenever I think of cinnamon I think of Homestarrunner. But that’s for another day I suppose.

In other news I baked chocolate chip cookies and brownies today—both full fat versions without trying any of the healthy substitutes. To be fair, I did share them.

Oh, well. I can’t think of anything else interesting to share. And what I have shared may not have been interesting at all.

Have  a lovely evening.



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