Homework nightmares

I haven’t been in school for a while. I graduated from the lovely University of Delaware in 2007 and haven’t seen the inside of my high school in years. Yet, last night I had a bad dream about forgetting to do my homework. The cast of characters included my 12th grade English teacher, my college roommate Laura, and a tan canvas backpack that I never owned.

I woke up in the morning, went downstairs for coffee and complained to my mom that I had been so busy over the weekend that I had forgotten to do my homework, specifically my English homework. And apparently that day English was my first class. I went to school put my backpack in my English classroom, went to the bathroom, and then came back to start on my work, hoping I could get just a little something done in time. But when I returned to the classroom I couldn’t find my backpack anywhere. I searched all over the school and in my car and I still couldn’t find it. I was getting pretty desperate. My English teacher (who I real life I ended up playing a practical joke on the summer after senior year, for which I’m pretty certain she hasn’t forgiven me) was upset with me and wouldn’t write my letter of recommendation for college. In the end Laura showed up with my backpack, explaining that she had mistaken it for hers.

What a stressful dream.

I’m so glad that I’m not having to do homework or take tests anymore. Although I do miss learning. Anyone with me?



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