night swimming…chick-fil-a…my stewart….

We drove to Dallas yesterday. I got homesick a couple days ago so we decided to come visit my parents. Let me tell you it was a good decision.

I drove most of the way so that Tyler could edit music (the new cd is sounding SO SO SO good!) and send emails and things. It’s crazy that we can have a mobile “office” in our car. I mean skype still blows my mind!

My favorite (and probably only thing I really like) about long car rides is getting to stop at Chick-fil-A (which means we have to be driving in the south too). My grandma bought me the Chick-fil-A calendar this year so I have lots of fun coupons to use…AND some friends of ours had coupons saved up from years past that they gave to us. Let me tell you a secret: Chick-fil-A will accept ANY coupon you have! It’s crazy. We used a coupon from 2005 yesterday to get a free kids meal. How amazing is that?! Seriously love that place.

So we went night swimming after we arrived. There’s nothing like floating around the pool at night, looking up at the stars, listening to bluegrass music. Seriously. It’s like my parents live at a resort. The pool was like bath water and it’s Dallas so it was still about 90 degrees out at 11pm. It was beautiful.

And this morning Stewart sat with me for a long time. I realized last night that he’s getting old. For a cat at least. He’ll be 9 this fall. Crazy!

Anyway, I just felt like posting about how much I love being with my family.



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  1. oh night swimming is a must in DFW! We are from Ft. Worth! Hope you guys play in Dallas sometime so I can come check you guys out. Of course I’m on the west coast right now through September so don’t come back and tell me you are this weekend! lol!
    Have a great mini vaca with family! 🙂

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