Carrying the banner!!!

Okay folks, we have some big news. Some of you are familiar with this news. That is you know exactly what I am about to say (or do you?). Either way, it is still big. And important. And exciting. Thus making it newsworthy.

Mac Powell makes a guest appearance on the new album.


Or should I say he lends his voice to a particular song? The song is called Carry Me and Mac joins us on the bridge. He is amazing. I heard a rough mix of the song this evening and had tears in my eyes. It’s truly beautiful. I know, I know, I’m biased. But I’m allowed to be, after all I did write the song.

So let me tell you a thing or two about me and Mac Powell. Or I guess it’s just me. He has no knowledge of being involved. For my sixteenth birthday my parents took me to see Third Day in Gulfport, Mississippi. It was the Come Together tour and I was what you might call a super fan. I had my Gomer t-shirt and everything. We had 6th row tickets. I remember sitting in the coliseum, waiting for the band to come on and just being beyond excited. It wasn’t my first concert, but it was THIRD DAY!!! I had a poster of the band, signed hanging on my wall. For me it was THE concert. The band came on and I remember standing there, just completely awestruck. My sister grabbed my hand and we rushed to the foot of the stage (is that right, the foot of the stage?) with a bunch of other kids and stayed there dancing, swaying, and singing along all night. It was such an incredible experience. And the thing about it—it was truly a worshipful experience. The band played a few worship songs—You are so Good to Me, God of Wonders—but mostly people were singing along and worshiping to songs like Love Song, Consuming Fire, Come Together, etc. And it really seemed like the band was worshiping too. I was 16 and I remember really sensing the presence of God in that place.

About a year and a half ago we had the opportunity to open for Mac up in Hockessin, DE. He was playing an acoustic show at a local church and they needed a cheap opener. We jumped at the chance. I remember being so nervous about meeting Mac. I walked up to him and said, I just have to tell you, I’m a serious fan of yours so I apologize for any overly fan-like things I might say or do. He smiled and said, so you know God of Wonders then? Of course I did! So he invited Tyler and I up on stage to sing it with him. I was shaking the whole time. I would concentrate on making my hand stop shaking and then my legs would start. It was crazy. And so so so cool! After the show we got to talking and I realized that Mac is just a normal, genuine guy. He offered us his phone number and said to call him if we were in Atlanta.

When Carry Me (the song Mac is singing on) was in its writing stages Tyler said, you know who would be perfect on this song? Mac. I thought he was crazy. Turns out, sometimes all you have to do is ask.

So friends, there it is. Our wonderful news.


-jenny (&tyler)


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