Who else is playing on the record? How nice of you to ask.

Today we are at Paul Eckberg’s studio. Also known as the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Paul. It’s a good time. Paul is an incredible drummer.He’s drummed for lots of awesome artists.

So I was telling you about Mac Powell singing on the record the other day, and today I thought I’d tell you about the other lovely musicians we have joining us.

So here we go….

Our good friends Avi Amon and Grace Hoover take turns playing ridiculously amazing piano parts. I’m not exaggerating. They are ridiculously amazing. You should maybe check them out. I don’t think that Grace has any sort of website, but Avi does. Just click here.

Ben Stein, a childhood friend of mine (we even went to senior prom together) lent his phenomenal bass skillz. Luke Myers, our favorite barista (he makes a mean almond latte) and fast friend rocked the drums. My big brother Tom Appel (we have a mutual love for cheese sticks and all things fried) makes an appearance on the electric guitar, as well as Don Chaffer of Waterdeep fame. The string section consists of Hitoshi Yamaguchi, cellist extraordinaire, and Ruthie Gianakon, the Vanderbilt violinist.

And lets not forget our choir of misfits: Paul Zimmerman-Clayton (who is also co-producing the project), Lauren Rodriguez, Katie Gordon, Erin Faith Moniz (also provides backing vocals on the last track of the record), Nathaniel Schweinberg (amazing freelance graphic designer), and Joel Rakes (Tyler’s former roommate and my first kiss in junior high, listen to his music here).

We are so blessed to have such talented friends and to be able to work with some really inspiring folks.

In other news, I think it’s about time I learn some new adjectives so that I can stop over using words like amazing and awesome. For reals.

I think that is all.

OH–and I’m really looking forward to a dinner with friends tonight. Fajitas, corn on the cob, homemade guacamole. I may be posting recipes again. Yummmmmmmmm……



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