Good morning….

I am drinking my coffee. French press this morning. It’s a perfect morning for coffee. It dropped down into either the lower 70s or the upper 60s last night so all of the windows in the house were opened to let the cool air in. We even opened our tiny attic windows and slept without the air conditioner running for the first time in a while. I love the fresh air. I’m hoping it doesn’t get too hot today. This whole not-feeling-sticky-and-like-I-need-to-take-three-showers-a-day feeling is nice.

Okay, so last night we had a little fiesta here. I am not fantastic at making Mexican food, but it’s actually super easy to make fajitas at home. I marinated some chicken in a mesquite lime marinade and we grilled it along with some corn on the cob. We had bell peppers and onions too and Tyler made some flour tortillas. If you don’t mind flour tortillas instead of corn these are really easy to make and much better for you than store bought tortillas. I think the recipe Tyler uses calls for water, salt, baking powder, and flour. Not much to it.

Anyway, skarrkmaster wanted to know about the homemade guacamole, so I will tell you how it is made. I actually don’t follow a recipe. I take 3 avocados, slice them up, scoop out the good stuff, and mash them together. Then I add a bunch of chopped fresh garlic. Maybe a clove or two. I cut a lime in half and squeeze in the juice from one half. It’s really good to add some chopped up cilantro and green onions, but I don’t always have those things. I just sort of taste the guacamole as I go to see if I need to add more garlic or more lime. Oh, and I salt and pepper it too. I’m a bit of purist—meaning I love the taste of just the plain avocado so I tend to go a little light on the other stuff. But it is so so so yummy. And so much better than the guacamole you buy at the store!!!!

Well, now I’m feeling hungry. Time to start working.



3 responses

  1. AWESOME!! Yay, thanks for posting, just for me. I feel special now. I’ll need an excuse to try it sometime soon 🙂

    And I like your taste in food. I think plain avocado tastes so good!

  2. I will attest to the excellence of the guacamole. And why anyone would need corn tortillas when homemade flour ones are available is beyond me.

    Oh, update on the mandolin – it has already been played in:
    a) Matthew & Maggie’s car on the way home
    b) my grandparents’ house
    c) the Great Smoky Mountains
    d) the Grainger County jail (not joking)
    e) my own room at home

    I expect it and I will have many more adventures together.

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