Please be good to me Mr. French Press.

Hello there. I’m sitting in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to kick in. Seriously, I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. Not in an I’m-really-sick-and-can’t-move sort of way, but in one of those, oh-my-gosh-i- can’t-see-straight-i-think-i-might-fall-over-if-i-get-out-of-bed sort of ways.  Please coffee, I need you.

I went on a girls weekend trip to a lake house in Alabama this past weekend. It was a really great time. We went tubing and water skiing (I didn’t ski, but I did hold on to a tube for dear life and have the sore muscles to prove it), played trivial pursuit (I happen to rock at South and Central American travel trivia, even though I’ve never been to any of those countries), sang songs together, and just talked about life. It was awesome. And much needed.

Now it’s back to the world of Jenny & Tyler things. I’m trying to tie down loose ends for our fall tour so that we can really announce these dates and details to you guys soon.

All in all, not much to report here. Just want to say hi. Now come on coffee….



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