We didn’t die.

Hi friends!

So it’s been a while. I spent the past week traipsing around Seattle and some of Washington’s loveliest small towns with my sister while Tyler was away surfing the powerful waves of Hurricane Earl in New Jersey. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. While we both enjoyed ourselves we are very happy to be back under the same roof in Nashville.

After a week off it’s back to reality, so here we sit pouring over paperwork, listening to mixes until our ears hurt, sending emails and waiting anxiously for replies. Perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic? Yes, I am.

At any rate, we’re busy and enjoying it. We can’t wait to fill you guys in on all of the details about the new record—where and when you can get it—and about our upcoming tour. We’re just waiting on a few confirmations and we’ll get all of the details up for you. I would say to expect dates up by the middle of next week. We’ll let you know!

Just thought I’d check in. I haven’t been baking much, so no new recipes to report. Although I did make a fine pot roast the other night. For another day….



3 responses

  1. I hope you guys are coming to Oklahoma again!! (Norman??)

    And btw jenny, I got to try out your homemade guacamole recipe!!! Lemme just say.. it was the best guacamole I’ve ever tasted! Way better than store bought stuff.. More recipes please!! haha 🙂

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