wonderful week…

Hello friends. I write to you from the road. Right now we’re passing through the hills of Virginia on our way home to Nashville! We’re almost to TN and I can’t wait.

The past week has been incredibly busy, but it was really, really awesome at the same time. On Wednesday we drove to Charleston, SC and played a show at MUSC on Thursday night. It was really great being in Charleston. We’d never played there before and Tyler had never even been there. You may already know this, but Charleston is a gorgeous town. AND we had Cheerwine, which is perhaps the most delicious soft drink on the planet. Not that they have soft drinks out in the atmosphere.

Friday we woke up early and drove to D.C. to celebrate the marriage of some of our good friends. The ceremony was really sweet. We played a bunch of music at the reception but joined in the festivities ourselves and met lots of beautiful people. We spent yesterday with Tyler’s parents in DE and today we are wearily making our way home.

So there’s a recap. Nothing important. Just thought I’d share.

We have added a date to the tour! On Nov. 13th we will be at The King’s College in NYC. The college is super cool and meets in the basement of the empire state building! Anyway, the show is open to students and non-students alike ($3/$7) just shoot us an email if you’re not a student and would like to attend. (jennyandtyler@gmail.com)

AND–the new cd officially goes to printing today! Woo!



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