Food on the road.

Hello friends!

I write to you from our attic (yes, we live in an attic) in Nashville. I’m watching the just desserts version of Top Chef and my mouth is watering. They’re making the ultimate hot fudge sundae….oh my goodness. Let me be a judge people! I DID make some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this evening….soooo yummy. I’m kind of on an oatmeal kick. I’m already planning tomorrow’s breakfast: oatmeal with cinnamon, maybe a touch of brown sugar, and walnuts! Oh the anticipation…

On Friday, something very special arrived in the mail. It’s a 12volt slow cooker!!!! Not sure what that is? Well basically, it’s a crock pot for the car. Tyler and I have been talking about how difficult it is to eat healthy food on the road, especially when you want something hot. I also really miss cooking while we’re traveling. I was doing a little research online and came across a blog by Ben, one of the members of the band Mumford & Sons. By the way, if you haven’t heard Mumford & Sons’ music, you are really missing out. Anyway, Ben is a chef as well as a talented musician and he cooks for the band and the crew every night when they tour. Obviously, they travel a bit differently then we do. They have a bus and lots of space for starters. He sets up an oven/stove and a rice cooker every night and goes to town. I can’t do all of that, but it really got me thinking about the possibility of cooking on the road. So I bought a crock pot. I’m really excited to use it! I figure we’ll shop in the morning, prepare the food, throw it in the pot, and it will cook while we drive. Our car is going to smell so good! I’m going to spend part of this week looking for easy crock pot recipes. You can bet I will be blogging about the successes and failures and of course the messes that are sure to result from this experiment. If you have any recipe ideas for me, let me know!



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