25 before 25 (or something like it.)

I was talking with one of my best friends the other day and she was lamenting her upcoming birthday. Next week she turns 24, which in her mind is old. I kept insisting to her that 24 couldn’t possibly be old because I am 24 and I feel quite young. She told me she was going to make a list of 25 things she wants to do before she turns 25. I like the idea. Unlike, my friend, who has a whole year to accomplish her 25 things, I have about 5 months. It’s going to be a busy 5 months. So I’m thinking I’ll come up with 5 things I want to do before I turn 25 so that I can pace myself. Here’s my list. Think I can do it?:

1. Work out. At least once.
2. Write 5 songs. I’m not like those songwriters who write a song everyday. When the inspiration comes, I write. This could actually be quite challenging.
3. Take a real vacation
4. Spend a day alone without my computer or phone.
5. Make delicious thai green curry

I think these are good things, that I’ll most likely be able to accomplish. AND I really really REALLY do NOT think that 25 is old. Not even close. Maybe I should actually spend a decent amount of time thinking about 30 things I’d like to do before I’m 30…but then….I don’t actually want to think about being 30…. 🙂



3 responses

  1. Good luck with number 4.. but I agree, it would be good for you!
    And 5 sounds delicious.. Feel free to try it when(?) you guys come to Norman. I heard you guys have been discussing details with my friend for the house show! 😀 yay

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