food & shows. do i really post about anything else?

I write to you from our second home in Delaware. That’s a fancy way of saying it. Our “second home” makes it sound like we have a special cabin in the mountains or a beach house in the Caribbean. Nope. We’re at Ty’s parent’s house. But it feels like a second home. I sleep well in this bed. I feel comfortable lounging around in my pj’s in the morning. I know where the coffee is! Oh coffee.

It was quite a feat getting here. D.C. traffic coupled with a crock pot disaster (barbecue all over the back of the Element. Good news: there was still lots of yummy food to eat.) and a few accidents along the way clocked our travel time at 12 hours. From Knoxville to DE. My, my, my. The consolation prize: a stop at Coldstone (OUR Coldstone) for cake batter ice cream with raspberries and oreos. Pure decadence.

I’d forgotten that November is actually a cold month. Yes, we spent a few days in Chicago and Minneapolis and it was cold. But our stop back in Nashville included 70 degree weather. I was startled to step outside last night and realize that I needed a coat. I found it quite refreshing.

Today we head over to D.C. for a show at Ebenezer’s coffeehouse. Shane Cooley and Kindlewood open and I’m really looking forward to hearing them. $10. All ages. Come say hello!

Tomorrow we’ll be hanging out at Wilmington Christian School for our CD release here in Delaware! Show starts at 7pm. $5. We hope to see you!



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