A north wind chills the trees, forcing their leaves to the ground on this brisk Monday morning in Delaware. The coffee is strong, almost thick, and my toes are hidden, safe under the extra down comforter at the foot of the bed. It’s nice working from “home.” I put home in quotations because it’s not really my home. But it’s warm and safe and familiar. So for now, it’s home.

It’s November 8th. Can you believe it?! In third grade, time moved so slowly.  My teacher started the school day with a morning math meeting. We’d count by 5’s, 10’s, etc and do math problems together. Those meetings felt like an eternity. I’ve never been a fan of math. I remember watching the clock in agony, counting every minute, trying not to fall asleep.

Now time moves so quickly I find it difficult to keep up. It’s exciting, scary, and kind of exhausting all at the same time. I’m sure you know what I mean. We’ve been traveling full time for about a year and a half, but it’s still surreal to wake up in a new city every morning and meet new people every night. It’s also completely amazing.

We had such a great time at the shows this weekend and we truly appreciate you coming out and supporting us. We’ve said it over and over again, but this entire tour has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. We feel loved, supported, and encouraged.

Faint Not officially releases in just 8 days! You’ll be able to order the CD exclusively from our website and it will become available on itunes on Nov. 30th. And don’t forget, we have two songs available for free right now at noisetrade. You can download them here.

Shows this week: Wed: Boston, Fri: Baltimore, Sat: New York.



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  1. thanks so much for coming to dc–it was an amazing show! i’m really blessed by your music. please come back soon 🙂 also, i got my kickstarter gifts in the mail on tuesday, which were really great–thanks! hope the other shows go well this week :)btw i enjoy reading about your crock pot adventures haha.

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