This might be the most important post of the year….

Loyal blog readers, friendly folks, smiling faces, and the like!

Today is the day! FAINT NOT IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED EXCLUSIVELY AT OUR WEBSITE! We have three packages for you to choose from over at the store:

Tier 1: Digital download, digital booklet, physical disc, and a t-shirt = $25
Tier 2: Digital download, digital booklet, and physical disc = $15
Tier 3: Digital download and digital booklet = $10
(All digital downloads are instant!)

We have tons of other fun things in the store including the new Faint Not t-shirt, a gorgeous poster, and some adorable greeting cards.

And did we mention that the site has been completely redesigned? Well, it has! And in our humble opinion, it looks quite beautiful. Go take a look around.

ONE MORE THING! We had the opportunity to make a lovely little music video to This Is Just So Beautiful, the second track on Faint Not. Take a look:

We hope you enjoy the CD as much as we do!

love love love,



3 responses

  1. I’m one of those ECU (Greenville, NC) students who loves you guys just oh so much! You actually gave me a shout out at one of your shows b/c Im from lower slower Delaware…. I love you guys. Thanks for honoring God through your music, marriage, and life!

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