We are in Dallas for Thanksgiving and due to circumstances beyond my control, I will be cooking! I’m actually quite excited. This will be my third Thanksgiving as the chef and I’ve decided to try my hand at a few new recipes.

Here’s my menu:

-Roasted chicken with honey and thyme (yes, I’m doing a chicken. There will only be three of us for dinner and I don’t want to deal with tons of leftover turkey)
-mashed potatoes (smooth and creamy with lots of butter)
-Green bean casserole (my personal favorite)
-Fresh cranberry orange relish (so much sugar it could be a dessert!)
-Herb and apple stuffing
-Sweet potato casserole (Tyler’s favorite!)
-Pumpkin (from a REAL pumpkin) and apple pie (we’ll be eating pie for days!)

I’m going shopping this afternoon this afternoon with Tyler. We’ll see how everything turns out!


7 responses

    • here’s what I do for the relish:
      1 bag of cranberries
      2-3 oranges
      1 cup of sugar
      you can add more or less sugar (or oranges or cranberries for that matter) based on what your taste buds like. you’re supposed to put the fruit through a food chopper or processor. i don’t have either of those so i blend the fruit very lightly in my blender. it’s supposed to be chunky. then you add the sugar and refrigerate it for a few hours. i’ll probably make mine tomorrow.
      have fun!

  1. Good choice on the chicken, I honestly get tired of leftover turkey EVERY thanksgiving.. haha

    And green bean casserole is my favorite too!!! 😀 Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Hope the rest of your tour goes well!

  2. Sounds delicious, let me know if your in texas again for thanksgiving, i know where to crash now, just kidding. My sister just moved to a suburb of dallas. She works at a Macy’s there. So im sure well be there for Thanksgiving.

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