Important things (well, I think they’re important anyway)!

Firstly, it’s been a while. We finished a run of shows in Clemson, SC on Friday. it was a blast. Seriously. So so so much fun. Thank you to all who came—especially those who were in the midst of finals! We truly appreciate you.

Secondly, you may have heard us mention our friends over at Music City Unsigned and the fabulous Christmas compilation CD they’ve put together. Here’s the deal, MCU is an awesome organization that supports lots of independent artists in Nashville. They’ve been so good to us since we’ve been here and we’re honored to have our song Love Came Down at Christmas on the CD. All of the songs were recorded live in analog, meaning you’re in for a completely organic listening experience. And while you may have heard a couple of the songs before, each recording is new and unique to the project. These lovely folks (and us!) lend their songs & talents:

Amy Stroup
Aron Wright
Sandra McCracken with Derek Webb
Holley Maher
Andy Osenga
Heather Bond and Brandon Ingle
Daniel Ellsworth with Alva Leigh
Angel Snow

You can order a physical disc or get a download here.

Thirdly, if you’ve forgotten we have a Christmas EP that we released last year available over at our website. They make great gifts! And you can get yourself a digital download and start listening now if you’d like!

I think that covers the businessy things. But I will remind you again that Faint Not is still available over at our website and on itunes!

We received a bunch of gifts on this last leg of tour. I thought I’d share some of my favorites. They really are amazing. In no particular order:

1. The Mobile Foodie Spice Kit. This is seriously amazing. It’s little description reads, “Organic spice kits for foodies on the go.” And that’s exactly what it is. Take a look at the full description here.

2. Chocolate covered espresso beans. The key to my heart.

3. A one-eyed cat beanie baby. They’d gone to the trouble to remove one of the eyes. Adorable.

4. One of our gift baskets included Capri Sun. I don’t think I’d had a Capri Sun since 5th grade.

5. And I think we received something like 3 or 4 pounds of coffee in the span of a week. No complaints from me.

Those are the top 4 I think. Thank you thank you thank you!

Today we’re on our way to Florida. It will be a long journey, but we’re both really excited to get out of the 20 degree Nashville weather. We’ll be playing a few little things here and there before heading back to the east coast for Christmas.

have a lovely day friends,



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