Why I like Mumford & Sons so much

I’ve posted about Mumford & Sons a lot, claiming that they have amazing music, but I’ve never really gone into detail about why I like them so much. Here are a few bullet points:

-Their instrumentation is remarkably simple, and it works extremely well. There are four members. They play upright bass, guitar, keys, and banjo. Every now and then the bass player switches to electric bass, the banjo player picks up an electric guitar, and the guitar player/lead vocalist opts for the mandolin. They all sing. The sound is full and beautiful.

-They cook on the road! Their set up is a bit more complex then a 12volt slow cooker which lets them create delicious meals.

-They write thought provoking lyrics. “Awake My Soul” is a great example. I suggest you check it out.

-I never want to skip a song on their record.

-Marcus (the lead singer) has a book club via a blog.

-They are incredible live.

-They seem quite friendly. Tyler made his way backstage at the show we went to. If you walk confidently past security they assume you’re allowed back there I guess. He had a nice conversation with King Charles (the opener) & Winston (the banjo player).

-They are connected to Soul Survivor. This makes me extremely happy.

My intention in this post is not to convince you that Mumford & Sons is the best band out there or that they are perfect. When you find great music you want to share. That is all.

If you do check them out, you must listen to Roll Away Your Stone. It’s my favorite.



4 responses

  1. I adore Mumford & Sons so much for all these reasons and more. I got to see them live last summer and they were incredible. I love listening to them in the morning when I’m getting ready for work (specifically Awake My Soul)

  2. AH, so I was listening to the radio today and heard this song and was like, “AH, must remember lyrics to google it later” and to my surprise it was Mumford & Sons! I had never listened to them before, but now I am an addict!!!

    I had to come back and post this on here because it suddenly occurred to me that you had just talked about them 🙂

  3. They’re connected to soul survivor!? I’ve never been to soul survivor myself but know loads of people who have and can’t believe I can’t make it this year! X

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