construction….and john mark mcmillan

Wait…someone take a moment to document this momentous occasion (I guess the blog does that)…..I am blogging…at 8am. This is crazy. Tyler and I woke up early this morning and made our way to my brother’s house where the apartment construction is taking place. So far I haven’t joined in with the building. Mostly because I’m ridiculously clumsy and would probably hurt someone or myself. Also, the times that I haven’t spent building things (maybe 2 times?) I never quite got the hang of using a hammer. Pathetic? Perhaps. I just feel I’m gifted in other areas. 🙂

Rather than put on a pair of safety goggles I’ve opted to blog, read, write, and bake. Yes, bake. Don’t worry, there are plenty of folks here to eat the things I bake. I’m also listening to John Mark McMillan. I don’t know if I mentioned it here before, but I’m a huge fan of his album Good Medicine. Seriously. He’s such a poetic songwriter. I love that he writes worship songs with more than the same 10 words strung together in a slightly different order. For some reason a lot of folks have decided that they’re satisfied with music that isn’t creative.  McMillan is a breath of fresh air. I think my favorite song is Death In His Grave. A friend of mine wrote that his music is what Christian music should sound like. I agree.

So let me tell you about this new apartment. For the past year we have been renting an attic from our friends. It’s basically like renting a room. We share the kitchen and living room and the attic acts more as a bedroom/office. Anyway, it’s been an amazing time. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know our friends better. However, the time has come for a bit more privacy. We were going to look around for cheap apartments back in December, but my brother had a better idea. He and his wife proposed that they build a studio apartment in their basement. Now, this basement is one of those ones that doubles as a garage so one side opens up to the back yard. This means that it has windows! We’ll also have a little patio area. It’s going to be small, but it will have what we need. We’ll have our own kitchen, bathroom, and entrance.  AND when we leave for tour we’ll be able to rest easy knowing that my brother and sister-in-law are upstairs and our apartment isn’t just sitting empty for a month or so. It’s going to be lovely.

We’re taking pictures of the progress, so I’ll be sure to post them over the next week.

Have a lovely Sunday.



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