Construction update.

Good morning!

Confession: I’ve been using heavy whipping cream every morning this week in my coffee.

Question: Why is it that every coffee pot I’ve ever owned (or used) drips all over the place when I actually pour my coffee? Is it just me?

Update: I promised construction photo updates. I’m going to follow through. Now.

flat before

This is the space before construction...who doesn't want cinder blocks for walls right? dorm life here we come!

This is day two:


Tyler learns to build things with my dad and grandpa. Yes, my grandpa looks like Santa Claus.


They cut a hole in the bathroom floor.

Day 3:


Look! The walls are going up!

Great job Tyler!

Day 4:


So yes. It’s coming along. Stay tuned!


4 responses

  1. Um, FYI – It’s been so long since I saw you guys that I was all, “Who’s that dude with the red hair and glasses?” And then I felt stupid for not realizing it was Tyler in camera lighting…LOL!

  2. Hehe… I’ve also been using heavy whipping cream in my coffee. With honey. So indulgent but wonderful! And I can’t help but think of the promised land when I have that little pool of milk and honey in the bottom of the mug before I pour the coffee in. Can’t wait to see you in April!

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