Faint Not music video is up!

Good morning! My french press is strong this morning and I ate two chocolate chip cookies for breakfast…shhh…don’t tell!

Exciting news! Last night we posted the new music video for the title track of our latest record, Faint Not. We filmed the video one wintry night here in Nashville. The forecast called for 3 inches of snow that night, and turns out, the weather folks were right! We started shooting right around midnight and when we wrapped at 3:30am, all 3 inches had fallen! It was beautiful.

It’s funny, I never thought that we’d be able to make music videos. I figured that’s something that “real” artists do, and because we’re such a small operation I forget that we’re “real” artists too…whatever that means. It still amazes me that independent bands are able to accomplish so much. We couldn’t do any of it without help from our friends, and this video really was a group effort. Our good friend Nathaniel Schweinberg (fightthecurrent.org) shot and edited the video, and our friend David Gould was our sound and lighting tech….he held a boom box and wore a ridiculously bright light on his head. Hehe. Yes, the fun parts of being independent and not having a real budget for the video. 🙂 But it was so fun and it’s things like that that make for great stories and bonding experiences!

Now that I’ve rambled on a bit, I leave you with the video:



6 responses

  1. i love the video its so beautiful! i was listening to the Faint Not CD today in the car and just loving it. You are both so talented!!!
    thank you for the blessing of your music. keep it up!

  2. Hi! I just found your amazing music as I was listening to JJ Heller’s station on Pandora. The song was called “Season” and I was wondering if you suffer from epilepsy. The reason I ask is because my 3 year old son Landon has had seizures along with other challenges. Your song spoke to me and I just felt led to leave you a comment! I saw that you have plans to come to DC on your tour and I’m really hoping to come! Thanks for your inspirational music!

    • Hi Samantha-
      so glad you’re enjoying the music, and am especially glad that Season is the song that came on your station! I do have epilepsy and have been suffering from seizures for about 6 years now. Season was written at a particularly stressful time as the medicine I was taking wasn’t working properly and I was in my sophomore year of college trying to keep up with my school work. I’ve been able to find a lot of peace and rest in the Lord even in the midst of my questions, and I do believe that the Lord has a plan and that healing will come at the proper time. I pray that the Lord will protect your son and bring ultimate healing!

      • Thanks for the encouraging words! I know our little Landon is in Gods hands and I’m determined to be the best mother/advocate for him! We have recently gone through a similar experience with medication not being effective but I know that the Lord has His hand in all of it!

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