Simplicity/House Shows

I’ve been thinking a lot about simplicity lately. I try to enjoy the simple things in life. I’m not always successful. In fact, the statement, I’m not usually successful may be closer to the truth. Last Sunday it was sunny so we decided to walk to church. At first I didn’t want to because despite the sun, the temperature was somewhere in the 40s. After much prodding, Tyler convinced me. We don’t live far from our church. Maybe a mile and a half or so. We walked. And it was amazing. The birds were singing. And after a while I didn’t even need my coat.

After the service we walked up to one of our favorite coffee shops. I had a bagel and cream cheese and we shared one of their special lattes called the warm & fuzzy. It’s a double latte with cinnamon, vanilla, and honey. So creamy. So delicious. Practically perfect. When we’d finished our latte we walked home. It was a really lovely afternoon.

I’ve been thinking a lot about simplicity when it comes to what we do. I’ve never been a fan of big productions. I don’t see the point of going to a concert if the artist is going to have to dance or run around the stage so much that they can’t actually sing. I don’t like lots of costume changes or stages that expand and contract. I’m not saying that there isn’t a place for stuff like that. I understand that a lot of folks want to go to a show and have it be just that, a show. I just think that sometimes the music gets lost in all of it.

House shows are my favorite shows. We set up in someone’s living room and embark on a journey of story-telling and singing together. There might be a string of Christmas lights or candles somewhere near the stage (which is generally just a corner of the room) to add to the ambiance. Sometimes we drink coffee together and partake in delicious food. By the end of the evening it feels like we’ve made 40 new friends.

Not sure why I felt the desire to post about my thoughts today, but coincidentally this a great lead in for an invitation to all of the house shows we’re playing this spring. Sometimes folks feel nervous about coming to a house show if they don’t know the host. Let me tell you, everyone who is hosting a show this time around is extremely generous and hospitable, and is very excited about opening their home to everyone–even strangers. So don’t be shy.

House Shows this Spring:

3/10 Denton, TX
3/12 Keller, TX
3/18 Waco, TX
3/20 Abilene, TX
4/22 Frederick, MD

We’ll also be adding a show in Columbus, OH. For full details on the house shows (and all of the other shows we’ve got planned) visit our tour page. If info for a show isn’t there shoot us an email at:

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

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