The quest for the perfect suitcase..

Those of you who have seen us live in the past four months or so know that when we play Tyler uses a suitcase for a kick drum. If you’ve watched the Faint Not video you may have noticed the clip of Ty playing the suitcase and me playing a little tambourine. Sometime on our last tour Ty’s suitcase cracked and is subsequently out of commission. Tyler spent a long time looking for that suitcase. It was an old school hard shell case that had a nice sound when we stuffed a blanket inside and mic-ed it up. Here’s a photo of the old suitcase in action:

may she rest in peace

Alas the suitcase is no more. Thus, the search for the perfect suitcase begins again.

I went to the dentist this morning (I promise I’m getting somewhere with the suitcase story). I really don’t like going to the dentist. My dentist actually compared visiting her office to having a spa day. I’ve never had a spa day, but if it’s anything like visiting the dentist then I don’t intend to.  After a good cleaning and running a few errands (we needed socks!) Tyler mentioned that he really wanted to find another suitcase. There are a few thrift stores on the way home from the dentist. There’s one in particular, Southern Thrift, that we haven’t visited before. I suggested stopping there. Tyler didn’t think it was a great idea. He knew of a lady in town who had a yard sale back in the summer and was selling a bunch of old hard shell suitcases. We didn’t need one at the time. He suggested trying to find her house and inquire as to whether she had any left. But I really thought we should stop at Southern Thrift. I had a gut feeling that they would have a suitcase. I knew like you know about a good melon (movie anyone?).

So we went. And lo’ and behold, out of 4 suitcases, they had the perfect one! The first suitcase took a full year to find, but this one only took 1 day! We were so excited!


And it looks so much better than the first one!

I can’t believe I’ve dedicated an entire post to a suitcase. But you know, it’s the little things, right? And now you can all experience the joy that is the kick drum suitcase at our shows this spring. Huzzah!


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