just a little update

What a weekend.

On Friday we trekked to Jamestown, TN (basically the middle of nowhere) for an overnight young adults retreat. We had way too much fun singing together, stayed up wayyyy too late, and ate altogether too much pork. Seriously. Pork for three meals in a row? I was craving a salad when we made it home on Saturday afternoon.

We had a low key night in with our roommates on Saturday night. Free pizza + good movies + lovely kitties + wonderful friendship = much happiness.(And I did get my salad too)

AND the weather turned lovely yesterday in Nashville. We walked to the grocery store in our short sleeves and took pictures of each other in the sunlight.

Our good friend Paul (co-produced Faint Not with us) has some free studio time lined up for us this afternoon/evening. Our plan is to record some acoustic versions of the songs from Faint Not and give them away to you guys in a few months or so. I’m excited!

We posted a few new dates over at the website. Check ’em out: http://www.jennyandtylermusic.com


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