Some musings…

Good morning.

The coffee is strong this morning and for that I am grateful. Despite my sleepiness last night, I had trouble sleeping. I don’t understand why that happens.


I’m really excited about this weekend. Today we’re driving up to Huntington, IN and tomorrow we’ll be hanging out there, shooting a music video to One-eyed Cat. I AM SO EXCITED! I don’t think that the video will be available for your viewing pleasure until April or May, so you’ll have to be patient. But I really really really think it’s going to be awesome.

Tomorrow night we’re playing a show in Ft. Wayne, IN at The Church at Jacob’s Well. We’re really looking forward to it. We’ve had a great time relaxing at home over the past month and a half, but we’re itching to play shows regularly again. So if you’re in the area, come out tomorrow night. It’s an early show from 6p-8p and it costs $5. We’d love to hang out.

In other news, we’ve had quite a few awesome reviews and interviews happening. Here are a few links:

Interview w/ All About

Faint Not Review

Faint Not Review

Fun Interview

Check ’em out if you fancy and pass them along to your friends.

Have a lovely day friends.

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