The One-Eyed Cat Video Shoot

Hello friends.

We’re headed home after a wonderful weekend in Indiana. We drove up Friday afternoon and began shooting for the One Eyed Cat music video on Saturday morning. I’m really excited because this video is going to be entirely animated (aside from the two of us of course). We shot everything in front of a green screen. Tyler and I are super awkward in front of the camera, but hey, it’ll be a genuine video for you to enjoy, right?

Tyler and I met about six years ago at the University of Delaware. My freshman year I asked Tyler to go to a dance with me that my a’cappella group was hosting. Tyler, of course, said yes. I’d never seen Tyler dance prior to that evening, and let me tell you, I was in for a surprise. When he started dancing that night, I honestly thought he was joking. It was THAT bad. I kept asking him to “dance normal” and soon realized that I’d really hurt his feelings. He was so upset that he walked off the dance floor and we had to have a little talk. I apologized and soon enough we got to dancing again. I decided to just embrace Tyler’s terrible dancing and I actually had a lot of fun just being goofy on the dance floor.

Yesterday we had to dance a lot for the video shoot. At first we tried to be sort of serious about it, but before long we decided to just be ourselves. Tyler danced in his crazy way and I basically laughed the whole time. So get ready friends. You will soon realize the awesomeness that is Tyler’s dancing.

I think the video will be released in May, so we do have a bit of a waiting period, but don’t worry. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s ready!


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