Tour updates & the beauty of Alison Krauss

I’ve been a bit of a slacker when it comes to blogging this week, and for that I do apologize. It’s been a busy, busy week. And it’s going to just keep getting busier, because tonight….


Yes. Tonight.

If you’re in Nashville you should come out to Ugly Mugs tonight for a lovely little show. We’re sharing the stage with our friends Carolina Story and Adam James.  The songs and storytelling begin at 7pm.

Tomorrow we head west for Arkansas. In a few days we’ll be in Oklahoma and then Texas. I’m really excited. Take a look at our tour schedule and see if we’re coming near you.  We’ll be making our way east in April, so have a look even if you’re not a Texan.

Groupon offered half of tickets to the Grand Ole Opry this Friday. Alison Krauss and Vince Gill were on the bill, so we thought, hey, can we really live in Nashville and not attend the Grand Ole Opry even once? Admittedly, lots of it is pure cheese, but it’s a fun kind of cheese, and seeing Alison Krauss is more than worth sitting through a little cheese.

Oh my goodness. I felt like I was reliving my childhood. Riders in the Sky played, The Oak Ridge Boy were there, and Bobby Osborne played Rocky Top. I’m not really a fan of today’s country music and of course there was a little of that. They saved the best for last. Alison Krauss came out and sang, “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.” It was breathtaking. She makes singing look so effortless, and her performances are always flawless. I found this video of her singing the song on youtube and just have to share it with you:

Well, I’ve got to get packing for this tour! Hope to see many of you in the coming weeks!

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