Tour Update!

Things I’ve loved about our Spring tour in no particular order:

1. The standing-room-only-jam-packed-room-of-wonderfulness that was Ugly Mugs on Saturday night
2. Tasty granola bars that Tyler lovingly made for me from scratch.
3. Listening to Carolina Story and experimenting with bgvs.
4. The incredible weather this morning that demanded an outdoor work out and walk to the local coffee shop.
5. The deliciousness of the quesadilla explosion salad from Chili’s.
7. This morning’s coffee shop doubled as a pharmacy.

I’m a bit sad that no matter where I go, I can’t seem to find an almond latte of the same caliber as the one I enjoy from Ugly Mugs. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.

We have shows this week in Scott, AR; Mena, AR; Lawton, OK; and Ft. Worth, TX. Check out the full schedule over at our website:

Hope to see some of you this evening!


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