Good morning everyone. We’re driving up I-24 headed for Bloomington, IL. We’re playing a show tonight with the ah-mazing Andrew Osenga. And it’s a Young Life benefit to boot. Have I mentioned that we love Young Life? Well, we do. Should be a good show.

Our little noisetrade giveaway has come to an end. I must say, we are so so SO excited that so many of you downloaded Faint Not and are enjoying it. The songs on the album really communicate what’s on our hearts, and it’s always a little scary to put your heart out there. Thank you for being so gracious to and accepting of us. It really means a lot.

Tyler and I have been talking a lot about building margins into our life lately. What do I mean by margins? I’m talking about space, or extra time I suppose. We see a lot of people everyday, and for the most part, we just pass them by without much thought. Every once and a while we see someone broken down on the side of the road, or someone who looks like they could use a friend. Sometimes we think about stopping. But usually, we convince ourselves that we shouldn’t because we don’t have time. We need to get to the venue in an hour and we’re already cutting it close; our friend is waiting at the coffee shop and we wouldn’t want to be rude. You know what I mean. Even today we haven’t left ourselves any time to make an unexpected stop on our way to Bloomington. I think we miss out on a lot of opportunities to serve people. It’s sad really.

So yes, building margins. Such a simple idea. Not so simple to implement.

And now, we continue the drive up I-24 as Ari Hest serenades us.




A little story from the road.

Hello friends!

I had caffeine too late in the day yesterday and laid in bed awake until about 3am last night, just thinking. I formulated an entire blog post in my head. Now, of course, I’m not sure that I remember it. But I will try.

Last week was crazy busy. We moved from the attic we were living in to a new studio apartment across town. I love it. We work furiously for a couple days to set it up and now it’s beginning to feel like home. Pictures are hung, guitars are mounted, and cookies have been baked. Perfection.

I was thinking last night about some of my favorite moments from the tour. We’ve been sharing lots of stories with our friends and one in particular still overwhelms me. I thought I’d share it with you.

We’ve been down to Abilene, TX twice now and played house shows. The students there are amazing. They’re welcoming, genuine, and really excited about life. It’s a blessing just to be around them. The first time we visited Abilene we weren’t sure what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised by the students and couldn’t wait to come back. I honestly wasn’t sure if the show would top the first one, but it did. Let me tell you how.

There were about 20 of us hanging out in the living room of the house. House shows are always informal. We play unplugged and tell stories and basically have a big conversation with everyone there. We started the set with This Isn’t a Dream and then Song for You. Then we played Faint Not. On the first chorus I was surprised to hear everyone singing along. The singing grew louder and some folks even sang harmonies. It was like a big worship experience. And they sang like that for the rest of the night, on every song. It almost wasn’t even like we were performing, but sharing the stage with a big, beautiful choir. We sang “I want to see myself through your eyes” together and I almost lost it. It was overwhelming. No one clapped at the end of the song because we knew we’d just experienced a special moment together and clapping just wasn’t appropriate.

We left feeling encouraged. It was the perfect end to the tour.

We set out for a little 4 show run on Thursday. We’ll be stopping in Normal, IL, Chicago, Naperville, IL, and Columbus, OH. Please come out to the shows if you’re in the area. We would love to see you.

AND if you haven’t yet, head over to and download our new record, Faint Not, for free. Spread the word to your friends if you like.

Have a lovely Monday.

Tour Update/FREE music!

After three weeks of touring Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, we are officially home! What an incredible time we had on the road. So many good stories. We’ve returned inspired and so blessed by the folks we met on the road. Here are a few pictures:

Waco House Show. Photo credit: Brent Newberry

Waco House Show Photo Credit: Brent Newberry

Love this! Photo Credit: Brent Newberry

Abilene, TX House Show, Photo Credit: Jacob Hunter

Wonderful memories.

In other news, beginning today you can download Faint Not, in its entirety, for FREE! Yes. I’m totally serious. Head over to to download yours! And tell your friends!

Man, just feeling blessed and overwhelmed this morning. Thank you guys for supporting us.

Tour Update

It’s beautiful here in Texas. It feels like Spring, or even early Summer. Show have been good and we’ve actually spent the past few days celebrating our birthdays and relaxing at my parents’ house.

The venue in Carrollton, TX offered HD filming and photography for free. Crazy right?! We’re so excited to see the footage, and the photographer Glenn Ladewig posted a few shots that I thought I’d share with you guys.

He's so handsome.

Playing Carry Me

Backing up Carolina Story

Time for the bow! (We'd always wanted to do that!)


It was a really fun night, and it’s nice to have it documented so well. We’re terrible at remembering to take pictures.

Tomorrow we head down to Waco, TX for a house show and then over to Abilene for a house show on Sunday. ‘Twil be wonderful.

All for now.

Oh you crazy Texans.

Last night’s show was so so so much fun. Possibly the most fun we’ve had this tour. Here’s a short play in honor of one of the best moments of the night:

J: Tyler and I met about 6 years ago at the University of Delaware. Yes. Delaware

T: Has anyone ever been to Delaware?


J: It’s not bad.


T: Yeah, we’ve got tax free shopping….beaches….

(long pause as we try to think of other things from Delaware)

J: (enthusiastically) Oh! Joe Biden!

(eerie silence)

J: Oh, wait. We’re in Texas aren’t we?

T: You guys don’t like Joe Biden do you?

(raucous applause confirming our suspicion)

J: Oops.

end scene.

Lesson learned.

In all seriousness, we love you Texas. Thanks for being so good to us.

Inspiring Moments

We’ve been in Texas for a couple days now, and I must say, we’re having a good time. Lovely people, delicious food, and ridiculously wonderful Spring weather make for an all around good time. Shows have been fun too.

On Tuesday we went to the Union Gospel Mission in downtown Ft. Worth and played for their evening services. It’s always eye opening to visit homeless missions. There are tons of homeless people in Nashville. I’ve almost grown calloused to seeing them hanging out near the bus stops and in the parks downtown. But when we actually take the time to hang out with folks and talk to them, which we don’t do nearly enough, it’s always a blessing to us. Perhaps even more of a blessing to us then it is to them. To see people living through such tough circumstances, and a lot of the time still praising the Lord, is inspiring to say the least. We met a man who is a very talented poet. Somehow he has his poetry printed and bound and sells the books as a way to make a bit of money. I think that a dollar of the profits go to a local church (probably the church that prints the books). To see someone in his circumstances giving a portion of his income is really amazing and encouraging. I remember being in college and feeling like I couldn’t give or didn’t need to give because I wasn’t really making any money. What a punch in the stomach this man was. Seriously. We shouldn’t ever feel like we can’t give — if not financially, then through service.

What a testimony.

Tonight we’re headed to Denton, TX for a house show. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this evening. Seriously. It will be the first house show of the tour. I LOVE house shows. I know I’ve said it before, but they are just so intimate. Tyler and I always say that the reason we make music and tour around is for the people. We love meeting you. I’m not just saying that. It’s true.

Anyway, if you’re in the DFW area and feel like coming out to a house show, there’s the one tonight, and on Saturday we’ll be playing in Keller. Details below:

Tonight: 1720 Panhandle St. Denton, TX, 7:30p, $10 sugg. donation

Saturday: 826 Runnymede Rd. Keller, TX 7p, $10 sugg. donation

AND, we have a show in Carrollton, TX tomorrow night at Theatre 166: 2425 W. Parker, Rd. Carrollton, TX. 8p. $10.

Side Note: I haven’t watched American Idol in a long time, but my mom does. She DVR’d it last night so I’m watching it now. My favorite thus far is that guy with the beard who sang “A Little Help From My Friends.” I thought he had a great voice. Any favorites? I doubt I’ll continue watching, but it’s kinda fun.

Hope to see some of you this week!


A little tour update—with photos!

It’s time for an update.

It’s been a great tour so far. We’ve really enjoyed hanging out with Carolina Story, getting to know them, and hearing them play every night. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you really should:

Our tour of Arkansas went very well. My favorite night was probably Tuesday at the Glenhaven Youth Ranch. The ranch serves as a home for kids from broken homes. It was really cool hanging out with the kids and hearing bits and pieces of their stories. It was also really encouraging to talk with the staff at the ranch. It felt like we were singing “Faint Not” specifically for them that evening.

And of course, the ranch had horses. We didn’t stay long enough to ride, but we did meet a few. I think this one is Patches:

We’ve been in Texas for a few days now. We had a much needed day off yesterday, and this afternoon we’re headed over to the Gospel Rescue Mission in Ft. Worth to play music for their evening services. I believe that it’s the mission where the book Same Kind of Different as Me was birthed. If you haven’t read that book, I highly suggest it. It’s really powerful.

Tomorrow we’re at TCU, Thursday we’ll be in Denton, Friday Carrollton, and Saturday we’ll play a house show at my parents’ house in Keller. Should be a good week.

I’ll leave you with a few photos from the road:


A beautiful Arkansas sky...


Merch! Like the new t-shirts?

Our faces are funny, but the lighting that evening was beautiful