Oh you crazy Texans.

Last night’s show was so so so much fun. Possibly the most fun we’ve had this tour. Here’s a short play in honor of one of the best moments of the night:

J: Tyler and I met about 6 years ago at the University of Delaware. Yes. Delaware

T: Has anyone ever been to Delaware?


J: It’s not bad.


T: Yeah, we’ve got tax free shopping….beaches….

(long pause as we try to think of other things from Delaware)

J: (enthusiastically) Oh! Joe Biden!

(eerie silence)

J: Oh, wait. We’re in Texas aren’t we?

T: You guys don’t like Joe Biden do you?

(raucous applause confirming our suspicion)

J: Oops.

end scene.

Lesson learned.

In all seriousness, we love you Texas. Thanks for being so good to us.


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