Tour Update

It’s beautiful here in Texas. It feels like Spring, or even early Summer. Show have been good and we’ve actually spent the past few days celebrating our birthdays and relaxing at my parents’ house.

The venue in Carrollton, TX offered HD filming and photography for free. Crazy right?! We’re so excited to see the footage, and the photographer Glenn Ladewig posted a few shots that I thought I’d share with you guys.

He's so handsome.

Playing Carry Me

Backing up Carolina Story

Time for the bow! (We'd always wanted to do that!)


It was a really fun night, and it’s nice to have it documented so well. We’re terrible at remembering to take pictures.

Tomorrow we head down to Waco, TX for a house show and then over to Abilene for a house show on Sunday. ‘Twil be wonderful.

All for now.


One response

  1. Oh if only you were coming closer to Houston, or I had discovered your music sooner. Waco is 3 hours away…I’m begging my husband to take me…Maybe we will see you. Either way, have a wonderful time and I know it will be amazing!

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