A little story from the road.

Hello friends!

I had caffeine too late in the day yesterday and laid in bed awake until about 3am last night, just thinking. I formulated an entire blog post in my head. Now, of course, I’m not sure that I remember it. But I will try.

Last week was crazy busy. We moved from the attic we were living in to a new studio apartment across town. I love it. We work furiously for a couple days to set it up and now it’s beginning to feel like home. Pictures are hung, guitars are mounted, and cookies have been baked. Perfection.

I was thinking last night about some of my favorite moments from the tour. We’ve been sharing lots of stories with our friends and one in particular still overwhelms me. I thought I’d share it with you.

We’ve been down to Abilene, TX twice now and played house shows. The students there are amazing. They’re welcoming, genuine, and really excited about life. It’s a blessing just to be around them. The first time we visited Abilene we weren’t sure what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised by the students and couldn’t wait to come back. I honestly wasn’t sure if the show would top the first one, but it did. Let me tell you how.

There were about 20 of us hanging out in the living room of the house. House shows are always informal. We play unplugged and tell stories and basically have a big conversation with everyone there. We started the set with This Isn’t a Dream and then Song for You. Then we played Faint Not. On the first chorus I was surprised to hear everyone singing along. The singing grew louder and some folks even sang harmonies. It was like a big worship experience. And they sang like that for the rest of the night, on every song. It almost wasn’t even like we were performing, but sharing the stage with a big, beautiful choir. We sang “I want to see myself through your eyes” together and I almost lost it. It was overwhelming. No one clapped at the end of the song because we knew we’d just experienced a special moment together and clapping just wasn’t appropriate.

We left feeling encouraged. It was the perfect end to the tour.

We set out for a little 4 show run on Thursday. We’ll be stopping in Normal, IL, Chicago, Naperville, IL, and Columbus, OH. Please come out to the shows if you’re in the area. We would love to see you.

AND if you haven’t yet, head over to noisetrade.com/jennyandtyler and download our new record, Faint Not, for free. Spread the word to your friends if you like.

Have a lovely Monday.


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