New friends.

I made a new best friend at the show in Bloomington the other night.

A seven year old best friend.

For some reason this little girl picked me to be her best friend and confidante for the night. Maybe she recognized me from the stage. Maybe she thought I looked friendly. She came over and talked to me for a few minutes and then walked away. I thought she’d just gone off to find someone else but then she came back dragging a huge chair behind her. She set the chair next to me and climbed up.

We had a pretty awesome conversation. A few highlights:

Little Girl (LG): So what are you hoping for?

Me: What do you mean?

LG: One of each? Because that’s what I’m hoping for.

I realize she’s talking about kids.

Me: Oh sure, yeah one of each.

LG: I’m going to name my daughter Elizabeth and my son Jackson. I’m naming him Jackson because there’s a boy in my class named Jackson and I really want to marry him.

Me: So you’ve already found the guy?

LG: Oh yes.

Another highlight:

LG: My mom had to get surgery on her butt because she broke it or something.

I almost laughed out loud.

She also told me that she is a huge Andy Osenga fan (we opened for Andy that night) and that she has all of his CDs on her ipod. It was adorable.

There was so much more. So funny.


6 responses

  1. That is hilarious! I really hope to make it to a concert of yours one day.
    My husband and I found your music through facebook. I’m a photographer and saw this picture that I liked the style of… then it took it to brite revolution and ever since I’ve been listening to your music.
    I’ve been searching for music that is meaningful and deep with a textured sound. I thought it was hilarious way (through my art) that God blessed me with you two. Your songs have been putting what I’ve been feeling in my deepest heart into words.
    God really used you to confirm that I’m heading the right way. So thank you for being open and letting your hearts go in front of people. Oh, I’ve been introducing you as my best friends lately also. : ) If you make it to central WI ever, you have an open home with PLENTY of coffee and photo fun with me and my husband. Did I mention that he is a professional bass player – he is on our churches worship team… he played and I sang and played piano. (long comment. sorry.)

  2. Yep, that was my daughter Erin. Never meet a stranger, no internal editor and her best friend is whomever she is currently talking to. Born to be a Young Life leader. And I didn’t know there was a “boy” in her life till this post so thanks for the heads up on that.:-) PS I’m putting Jenny and Tyler on her mp3 player tonight so she’ll be your huge fan too. Ben

  3. Yep, thats my daughter Erin. Never met a stranger, no internal editor and her best friend is whomever she is currently talking to. Born Young Life leader. Didn’t know about this Jackson kid though. Gonna have to keep an eye out for him. I’m putting Jenny & Tyler on her mp3 player tonight so she’ll be your hugest fan as well. Thanks for playing for us last week guys. I wish the YL community had been more proactive about advertising the show. Your music is inspiring and uplifting. Thank you both for showing what a husband and wife working together can look and sound like. I pray that God allows you to make music together for all time. Ben

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