Photo Update

Hello! It’s been a little while. My apologies for not updating a bit more frequently when we’re on the road. I wanted to get all of our photos in order from the last leg up in IL and OH so that I could share them with you.

Tour was so good. Exhausting, but awesome. We traveled up to Bloomington, IL, Naperville, IL, Chicago, IL, and then over to Columbus, OH before making our way home.

We had the pleasure of staying with one of my college roommates while we were in Bloomington. It’s always nice to see old friends. She was very pregnant while we were there and literally had her baby 2 days after we left! Crazy! A beautiful baby girl. I hope to meet her soon. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures in Bloomington other than a few with my friend and I think she’d be a little upset if I posted them for all the world to see…so I won’t.

We had a really good show in Naperville too. While we were in Bloomington and Naperville we had the privilege of opening for Andrew Osenga. If you haven’t heard Andy, you really should. We were able to sit and really listen to Andy’s entire set in Naperville and it was amazing. We left that night wondering why we didn’t know he was amazing before. AND we had Giordano’s pizza after the show. Ummm….I’m sure there are 1000 calories per slice….but it was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. Mmm. A few photos from Naperville:

Getting a little sweaty...


The next morning we headed for Chicago. It was a beautiful day. We made a little stop at a park along Lake Michigan:

Then we headed over to a coffee shop and did some work before making our way to the house show. Here are some photos from the show. All of these were taken by the talented Rebecca Christian.


We hit the road bright and early the next morning for Columbus, OH. We played at the Iuka House. The girls here now how to put on a house show. It was a blast. The next morning they even made us a big breakfast with chocolate chip pancakes, strawberries, and bacon. And the food the night before was from a Middle Eastern restaurant. Hummus, pita, rice, spicy chicken, cashew rolls, and so much more. Delicious. Photos from the evening. I believe most of these were taken by Rachel Joy Baransi.




All in all, a wonderful little run. We’re headed for MS State in Starkville, MS on Tuesday, and next Friday we kick off our big east coast run. Check the tour page to see if we’re coming near you!



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