A little update.

I promise I intend to blog more. Alas, being on the road makes it a bit difficult. Nevertheless, I do apologize.

The third and final leg of this Spring tour is going really well. We spent a weekend at the beautiful Windy Gap YL camp just outside of Asheville, NC. Seriously. So much fun. It was a family camp, so there were folks of all ages hanging out. I really enjoy worshiping with lots of generations. It feels like a big family. I also enjoyed all of the spontaneous hugs I received from little girls. They were so cute. I love how fearless little kids are. Sometimes I really wish I could be like that again.

From Windy Gap we made our way to Greensboro, NC and played a house show for some fun folks. There was a cook out before the show and it was delicious. I love burgers from cookouts. They’re different from the burgers you get a restaurants. And there was cake. Mmmmm….

We spent two days in Greenville, NC hanging out with some young life kids. Can I just say I love young life? It’s so energetic. We sang Party in the USA, and some other popular song that I hadn’t heard. Tyler was shaking his hips like yeah. For reals.

Now we’re in Delaware. It’s so good to be here. It’s familiar. It feels like home. I got my hair cut this morning and I didn’t need to use my gps to get to the salon. It’s the little things.

We’ve got tons of shows lined up here. We’ll be in DE, MD, PA, NYC, and Boston over the next two or so weeks. Check the tour page to see if we’re coming to you!

Well, that’s about it. Just thought I’d give you a little recap of what we’ve been up to!

Hope to see some of you soon.

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